Celestial Nail Art

I recently bought a Julep nail polish inspired by the astrological sign Capricorn, because I am a proud Sea-goat! I will post full swatches of it one of these damn days, but until then here's some nail art inspired by it:

I would have created some goaty goodness for my nails for Capricorn, but I really wanted to play with some celestial themed stamps from my ever growing Bundle Monster plate collection, and frankly wanted an excuse to break out ILNP Mega for the billionth time, so this simple look was born.

I started with a base of Mega, then stamped on Julep Capricorn using Bundle Monster plate BM-610.
I topped the quick design off with one coat of Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat.

BundleMonster got me with a defective plate unfortunately, not the first time but still pretty rare, so getting the patterns to stamp was a challenge. Profanities were said, polish reapplied, but I got it to work OK. I think it still came out pretty cute, and god it's just. So. Sparkly!

Thanks for reading! To see more nail art I've done click here.


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