My Collection


Avon - Voltage 
Avon - Pop (Swatches)
Avon - Sea Breeze
Avon - Tweed
Avon - On The Go Pink
Avon - On Point Blue
Avon - Smoky Plumes
Avon - Lime Splatter
Avon Brushed Metals - Burnished Copper
Avon Cosmic -  Celestial (Swatches)
Avon Nail Art - Delicate White


Black Heart Beauty - Mint (Swatches)
Black Heart Beauty - Neon Blue (Swatches)
Butter London - Alcopop
Butter London - Henley Regatta (Swatches)
Butter London - Knackered (Swatches)
Butter London - Poole (Swatches)
Butter London - Scoundrel (Swatches)
Butter London - Tea With the Queen (Swatches)
Empty Butter London - Cheeky Chops (Swatches)
Butter London - Wellies (Swatches)


Ciate Mini - Beam Me Up Lottie
Ciate Mini - Pucker Up
Claire's - Fuzzy Peaches (Swatches)
Claire's - Wearing My Tiara (Swatches)
CoverGirl - Mint Mojito  (Swatches)
CoverGirl Capital Collection - Pyro Pink (Swatches)
CoverGirl Capital Collection - Rogue Red (Swatches)
CoverGirl Glosstinis - Appletini (Swatches)
CoverGirl Glosstinis - Bahama Mama (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Diva After Dark (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Emerald Blaze (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Golden Opportunity (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Red Revenge (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Snow Storm (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Speed of Light (Swatches)
CoverGirl Outlast - Violet Flicker
CoverGirl XL Nail Gel - Haughty Lemon (Swatches)
China Glaze - Champagne Bubbles
Chine Glaze - Sand Dolla Make You Holla (Swatches)
Chine Glaze - Tinsel Town
Color Club - Earthy Angel
Color Club - Red-ical Gypsy
Color Club - New Bohemian
Color Club - Shabby Drab
Color Club - Rad Nomad
Colour Prevails - Mr.Big (swatches)
Confetti - Belle of the Ball (Swatches)
Confetti - My Favorite Martian
Confetti Glitter - Ice Ice Baby


Deborah Lippmann - Candy Shop (Swatches)
Deborah Lippmann - Glitter in the Air (Swatches)
Defy&Inspire - Main Stage (Swatches)
Defy&Inspire - Ultra Teal (Swatches)
Dots by Color Club Four Piece Collection - Gold
Dots by Color Club Four Piece Collection - Pink


Essie - Bikini so Teeny
Essie - Chinchilly (Swatches)
Essie - Cocktail Bling
Essie - Fashion Playground
Essie - Go Ginza
Essie - Little Brown Dress
Essie - Merino Cool
Essie - Peak of Chic
Essie - Pink Works
Essie - Poppy Art Pink
Essie - Go Overboard
Essie - Matte About You (Swatches)
Essie - Strut Your Stuff
Essie - Super Duper Top Coat
Essie - Wicked (Swatches)


Fingerpaints - Tiffany Imposter (Swatches)
Fingerpaints - Underwater Enchantress (Swatches)
Fingerpaints - Van Gogh's Violet (Swatches)
Fingerpaints - Vivid Reflection (swatches)
Forever 21 Nail Color - Blue Assorted Glitter (Swatches)
Forever 21 Nail Color - Turquoise Glitter (Swatches)


Ginger + Liz - Kicking & Screaming (Swatches)


Hard Candy - Sweet Tooth (Swatches)


ILNP - Mega (Swatches)


Julep - Amy
Julep - Brandis (Swatches)
Julep - Brit
Julep - Carrie
Julep - Cassidy (Swatches)
Julep - Chatoya (Swatches)
Julep - Corinne (Swatches)
Julep - Denise (Swatches)
Julep - Fiona
Julep - Ingrid
Julep - Julianne
Julep - Lainey (Swatches)
Julep - Laura
Julep - Lilou (Swatches)
Julep - Maddy (Swatches)
Julep - Marcella (Swatches)
Julep - Margot (Swatches)
Julep - Mari (Swatches)
Julep - Maria
Julep - Michelle
Julep - Morgan
Julep - Myriam (Swatches)
Julep - Paula (Swatches)
Julep - Petra
Julep - Shayla (Swatches)
Julep - Sierra (Swatches)
Julep - Sophia (Swatches)
Julep - Stella
Julep - Suse (Swatches)
Julep - Teresa
Julep - Tiffany (Swatches)
Julep - Toni
Julep - Vanna (Swatches)


KBShimmer - I Got a Crush on Blue (Swatches)
KBShimmer - Oh Splat! (Swatches)
KBShimmer - Scribble Me This (Swatches)
KBShimmer - Vitamin Sea (Swatches)


L'Oreal - #580 Because You're Worth It
L'Oreal - #111 Not a Cloud In Sight (Swatches)
L'Oreal - #142 Pop the Bubbles (Swatches)
L'Oreal - #139 Rough Around the Edges (Swatches)
L'Oreal Les Blancs  - Mint Glacee (Swatches)


Maybelline - Gilded Rose
Maybelline - Peachy Petal
Maybelline Jewels - Precious Pearl
Maybelline Metallics - Blue Blowout
Maybelline Polka Dots - Clearly Spotted  (Swatches)
Maybelline Polka Dots - Dotty (Swatches)
Maybelline Polka Dots - Drops of Jade (Swatches)
Milani - Rapid Cherry
Milani - A Rose Mylady (Swatches)
Milani - Beach Front
Milani - La Vie En Rose
Milani - Pink Express
Milani - Quick Teal
Milani - Showy Sea-green (Swatches)
Milani - Sugar Burst
Milani - Sugar Rush (Swatches)
Milani Color Statement - Corrupted Coral
Milani Color Statement - Mint Crush
Milani Glitter - Teal
Milani Glitter - Pink Flare
Milani Glitter - Hot Pink
Milani Glitter - Carnival
Milani Glitter - Purple Gleam
Milani Glitter - Red
Milani Glitter - Red Sparkle
Milani Glitter - Disco Lights (Swatches)
Milani Glitter - Gold Glitz
Milani Glitter - Blue Flash
Milani Glitter - Lavender Fizz
Milani Jewel FX - Silver
Milani Nail Art - Art of Silver
Milani Nail Art - Draw in Pink
Milani Neon - Pink Hottie
Milani 3D Holographic - Digital


Dried up Nails Inc. Latex Effect - portobello Road (Swatches)
Nails Inc. NailKale - Superfood Base Coat
Nails Inc. Special Effects - Pudding Lane
Nails Inc. Special Effects - Westbourne Gardens (Swatches)
Nicole by O.P.I - Be Awesome
Nicole by O.P.I - It's Possible
Nicole by O.P.I Carrie Underwood Collection - Carnival Cotton Candy
Nicole by O.P.I Carrie Underwood Collection - Sweet Daisy
Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops - Blue-berry sweet on you (Swatches)
Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops - I Lilac Gumdrops
Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer - Evening Haze (Swatches)
NYC - Kisses
NYC - Sidewalkers
NYC - Fashion Safari
NYC - Canal Street
NYC - Fuchsia Shock Creme
NYC - Lincoln Square Lavender
NYC - Starry Silver Glitter
NYC - Times Square Tangerine Creme
NYC - Skyline Blue
NYC - East Village
NYC Crystal Couture - NY Princess
NYC Crystal Couture - Ruby Queen


O.P.I - Amazon... Amazoff
O.P.I - Charmmy & Sugar (Swatches)
O.P.I - Desperately Seeking Sequins (Swatches)
O.P.I - Give Me Space (Swatches)
O.P.I - Glitter Off Base Coat (Swatches)
O.P.I - Just Shocking!
O.P.I - Let's Do Anything We Want! (Swatches)
O.P.I - Moon Over Mumbai (Swatches)
O.P.I - Muppets World Tour (Swatches)
O.P.I - My Vampire is Buff (Swatches)
O.P.I - Next Stop... The Bikini Zone
O.P.I - O.P.I Red
O.P.I - Push and Shove Duet Pack (Swatches)
O.P.I - Small + Cute = Heart (Swatches)
O.P.I - Worth a Pretty Penne (Swatches)
O.P.I - You Are So Outta Lime!
O.P.I - Limited Edition Pop the Cork!
O.P.I - Limited Edition 50 Is the New Fabulous
O.P.I Liquid Sand - Alcatraz... Rocks (Swatches)
Orly - Be True to Your Heart (Swatches)
Orly - Dynamic Metropolis (Swatches)
Orly - Family Honor (Swatches)
Orly - Follow Your Path (Swatches)
Orly - Frenemy (Swatches)
Orly - Living Earth (Swatches)
Orly - Scandal (Swatches)
Orly - Star Quality (Swatches)
Out The Door - Super fast drying top coat


P.I.X.E.L - All Berry Nice
P.I.X.E.L - Ha Ha Hottie
P.I.X.E.L - Hello Beautiful
P.I.X.E.L - Show Me the $
Pixi - Fluoro Flamingo (Swatches)
Pop-arazzi - Lime-ousine Ride
Pop-arazzi - Shell Me More
Pop-arazzi - Star Shine
Pure Ice - Coral Reef
Pure Ice - No Means No
Pure Ice - French Kiss



Revlon - Charming
Revlon - French Roast
Revlon - Leather Skinnies
Revlon - Midnight
Revlon Parfumerie - Autumn Spice
Revlon Parfumerie - Wintermint (Swatches)
Revlon Parfumerie - Lavender Soap (Swatches)
Revlon Parfumerie - Fresh Linen (Swatches)
Revlon Parfumerie - Surf Spray
Revlon - Quick dry top coat
Revlon - Whimsical (Swatches)
Revlon - Girly 
Revlon Glitter - Hearts of Gold FX
Revlon Moon Candy - Orbit  (Swatches)
Revlon Sun Candy - Northern Lights
Rimmel London - Britpop (Swatches)
Rimmel London - Green Eyed Monster
Rimmel London - New Romantic (Swatches)


Sally Girl - Chocolate Chip
Sally Hansen - Batbano Blue (Swatches)
Sally Hansen - Big Matte Top Coat
Sally Hansen - Big Smokey Top Coat
Sally Hansen - Blue me Away!
Sally Hansen - Mint Condition
Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen - Lady Lavender
Sally Hansen - Lightening (Swatches)
Sally Hansen - Peachy Breeze
Sally Hansen - Gilty Pleasure
Sally Hansen - Groove-y!
Sally Hansen -  Kook-a-Mango
Sally Hansen - Gray by Gray (Swatches)
Sally Hansen - Pat on the Black (Swatches)
Sally Hansen - Plum Luck
Sally Hansen - Air
Sally Hansen - Big Smoky Top Coat (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Color Foil - Titanium Flush
Sally Hansen Color Therapy - Make My Clay (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Color Therapy - Therapewter (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Color Therapy - Top Coat (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Black and Blue
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Tulle Kit
Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat - Snow blast
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Wool Knot  (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Wool Lite (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Peach Fuzz
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Big Money
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Carnival
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear - Hustle Up
Sally Hansen Insta-Ombre - Cobalt Coat
Sally Hansen Luxe Lace - Eyelet (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Patent Gloss - Chic (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush - Lady Crab
Sally Hansen Pearl Crush - Silver Scallop
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Sweetie (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer - Cinny Sweet (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer - Mint Tint (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer - Sugar Plum (Swatches)
Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen - Turquoise (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glitter - Diamonds
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Drama Sheen
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Dream Sequins
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Fanta-sea (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Great White (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Hypnautical (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Sparkling Water
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Sparks Fly (Swatches)
Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Twinkled Pink
Sally Hansen Velvet Texture - Velour
Sally Hansen Velvet Texture - Velveteen (Swatches)
Sparitual - Clarity (Swatches)
Sparitual - Love is in the Air
Sparitual - Survivor
Salon Perfect Crackle - Cracked Stone
Salon Perfect Crackle - Cracked Copper
Sonia Kashuk - Roll with the Punches (Swatches)
Spoiled - Thanks a Latte
Spoiled - I Only Eat Salads
Spoiled - Toad-ally Amazing
Spoiled - I Don't Drink Cheap Wine
Spoiled - Pick Your Poison
Spoiled - Plastic Flamingo
Spoiled - Checkin' Into Rehab
Stripe Rite - Unnamed Pink
Stripe Rite - Unnamed Green
Sinful Colors - Out of This World
Sinful Colors - Glass Pink
Sinful Colors - Nirvana
Sinful Colors - Petal be the Day
Sinful Colors - Pinky Glitter
Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
Sinful Colors - Rain Storm
Sinful Colors - Ruby Ruby
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Sinful Colors - Tempest
Sinful Colors - Thimbleberry


The New Black - Safari 5-Piece Set (Swatches)




Wet N Wild - Tickled Pink
Wet N Wild - I Red a Good Book
Wet N Wild - Emerald the Crown Jewel
Wet N Wild - On a Trip




Zoya - Carey (Swatches)
Zoya - Faye  (Swatches)
Zoya - Monet (Swatches)
Zoya - Mosheen (Swatches)
Zoya - Tanzy (Swatches)
Zoya - Bevin (Swatches)
Zoya Matte Velvet - Loredana (Swatches)
Zoya PixiDust - Ginni (Swatches)
Zoya PixiDust - Liberty (Swatches)
Zoya PixiDust - Tomoko (Swatches)
Zoya PixiDust - Vega (Swatches)


10 - Chocolate Kiss


Butter London Eventful Gift Set: (Swatches)
Creme - Keep Calm
Creme - Mum's the Word
Creme - Warm Fuzzies
Creme - Cool Britannia
Creme - Scrumptious
Creme - Royal Appointment

China Glaze Loco-Motive Collection:
Glitter - Loco-Motive (Swatches)
Shimmer - Stop That Train! (Swatches)
Shimmer - Nice Caboose! (Swatches)
Creme - One Track Mind (Swatches)
Creme - Well Trained (Swatches)
Shimmer - Mind the Gap (Swatches)

Ciate London Beach House Collection: (Swatches)
Creme - Hopscotch
Creme - Amazing Gracie
Glitter - Party Shoes
Creme - Knickerbockerglory
Creme - Pepperminty

Ciate London Dolls House Collection: (Swatches)
Creme - Paper Doll
Creme - Baby Doll
Creme - Poppet
Creme - Doll Face
Creme - Sweet Pea

e.l.f Chic Color Collection: (Swatches)
Glitter - Love Me
Metallic - Pot of Gold
Creme - Burgundy
Creme - Skinny Jeans
Glitter - Chic Confetti
Creme - Weddingbell
Metallic - Liquid Metal
Creme - Nude
Creme - Sea Escape
Creme - Smoken Hot
Creme - Prissy Chrissy
Creme - White
Creme - Purple Pleaser
Creme - Misty Haze
Shimmer - Purple Dream
Metallic - Blush
Glitter - Gina Girl
Glitter - Goldstar
Top Coat - Glossy
Top Coat - Matte

Smith & Cult Nail Trio: (Swatches)
Creme - Dark Like Me
Creme - Kundalini Hustle
Creme - Stockholm Syndrome

O.P.I Brazil Collection Minis:
Liquid Sand - Samba-dy Loves Purple (Swatches)
Liquid Sand - I'm Brazil Nuts Over You (Swatches)
Liquid Sand - What's a Little Rain Forest? (Swatches)
Liquid Sand - You're so Flippy Floppy (Swatches)

O.P.I Alice in Wonderland:
Glitter -  Mad as a Hatter
Glitter - Absolutely Alice

Revlon by Marchesa:
3D Jewel Appliques - 24K Brocade (Swatches)

O.P.I Coca Cola Collection:
Mini Creme - Coca-Cola Red (Swatches)
Mini Glitter - Today I Accomplished Zero (Swatches)
Mini Shimmer - My Signature is "DC" (Swatches)
Mini Creme - You're So Vain-illa (Swatches)
Mini Creme - Sorry I'm Fizzy Today (Swatches)
Mini Creme - Get Cherried Away (Swatches)
Mini Shimmer - Green On the Runway (Swatches)
Mini Creme - A Grape Affair (Swatches)
Full Sized Glitter - Orange You Fantastic! (Swatches)

O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Minis:
Creme - I Theodora You (Swatches)
Creme - Don't Burst My Bubble (Swatches)
Creme - Glints of Glinda (Swatches)
Holographic Glitter - What Wizardry is This (Swatches)

Orly Dare to Dream: Gadgets & Gizmos Mini Kit: (Swatches)
Creme - Dinglehopper
Creme - Secret Grotto
Creme - Magical Voice

Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Color:
Holo - Drawn Together by Force (Swatches)
Holo - I Won't Repel You (Swatches)
Holo - No Gas, Electrically Charged (Swatches)

Total: 380 Total Swatched On the Blog*: 196

(* The lofty goal is to swatch all of them on the blog! Maybe by the time I'm 80...)

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