Sally Hansen Color Therapy Make My Clay

I really liked those other Color Therapy polishes I tried a while back, so per usual on a whim I picked up this shade while buying other crap I did not need at Target.
Target: The land of crap you do not technically need, but goddammit the stuff just falls into the cart! Can't help that... Putting it back would be rude...

I decided on the color Make My Clay, a moniker that tickles my punny bone. HEH!
It is a light taupe-y grey creme shade that makes a nice base for some nail art, or so I've heard.

I think I mentioned this in the last review, but this polish collection also has my favorite of Sally Hansen's many bottle designs. The larger rounded bottle with the thick glass and flat bottom just feels heartier and more high end than some of their other ones. I'm lookin' at you Insta Dry.

A bit on the thin side, but not surprising given the light tone. I used three coats to cover, then topped it off with the Color Therapy top coat. Matchy, matchy.

While I usually gravitate to bolder, crazier polishes most of the time -Who doesn't love a good holo!-, a subtle, soft shade is always a nice rest for the eyeballs. This one gives a sophisticated look, and is shockingly pretty flattering against my ghostly pale skin.

Sally Hansen polishes can be found pretty much everywhere, I think they are sold on the moon at this point. I bought my bottle at Target for around $5.00.

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