Disappeared yet again from this little blog, but for good reason. I was on vacation! Whoo! Where did I go? Well, lemme tell you. I traveled to a vast, tropical, far off location known as... My couch... Impressive, yes? I know.
I actually got some time off from work, and had no real means or plans to go anywhere, or frankly the want to do so, so I used it as a chance to sit and do as little as possible and play ESO way too much. Though I did finally reach level 40, purchase the Thieves Guild DLC, and become a werewolf, so you know, just livin' life like a damn pro.

Anywhoozle, today I figured I would come back and show yet more Pokemon nail art. I was inspired by another one of Eevee's 365 evolutions -Exaggeration yes, but it honestly feels like that many at this point.-, this time it's Leafeon!

I started with a base of Julep Lilou, then took the flat end of a makeup sponge and applied stripes of it, Sally Hansen Mint Condition, and O.P.I You are so Outta Lime! to create a gradient similar to Leafeon's ears.
Also sticking to the ear theme, I used Color Club Earthy Angel and a thin detail brush to create little diamonds on most of my nails. (You will notice the absolute fail that is my ring finger, can't win them all!)
My pinkie & thumb are Earthy Angel again, stamped on with BundleMonster plate BM-406.

I topped everything off with one coat of Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat, then one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte top coat.

A few hiccups in execution, but I still think the end product is cute! Except for my damn ring finger which haunts me even now. It was one of those instances where no matter how I tried to fix it, it just wouldn't work, and I was not about to start over! So the fate was sealed. My middle finger came out pretty damn good, so that kind of makes up for it...

Thanks for reading! To see more Pokemon nail art I've made click here.


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