Ciate London Glitter Flip in Infamous

I saw this lip color collection in a BuzzFeed video -Yes, I know, the Nickleback of YouTube, but the video caught my eye!- and loved it so much I went to Sephora and picked up a shade only days later. If that is not a sick dedication to makeup, I don't know what is!

Ciate's Glitter Flip is a liquid lipstick that transforms, oh la la, from matte color to glitter just by rubbing your lips together. You're a wizard, Harry!

I picked up shade Infamous, a berry red color that just screams 90's when I look at it on my lips. I feel like I just need a plastic choker and some chunky heeled boots and my life is complete.

The packaging is adorable, and I dig that it is a doe foot applicator since I am more used to lip gloss than lipstick.

The application process is a tad different than normal lipstick, you are instructed to apply only one coat, and you have to let it dry fully while not touching your lips together for 1 minute.
I've been applying it before my eye makeup so I have something to do while it is drying, so I don't just have to sit there waiting for it to dry with my mouth open like some dying fish.

I would have taken a picture of it on my lips, but I hate taking pictures of myself and I won't subject you to that horror, so you get my arm! I tried to show it freshly applied at the bottom, and the top swatch I patted a bit to make the glitter appear. It didn't work perfectly but you get it!

How the glitter works is once the color has dried, you just rub your lips together and the more you rub the more glitter appears. You won't get to disco ball status or anything, but you do get a nice amount of sparkle.

I purposely wore this lipstick for an entire day before posting this to be able to really say how well it wears. I actually wore it when I went to see the new IT movie, so while I was deeply emotionally scarred, my lips looked fabulous.
So a concern I had at first was that by rubbing your lips together so much to get the glitter, that the actual color would smudge or move, but since it is a matte formula I had no movement at all.
The formula has pretty good staying power for some things, none of it got on my teeth of any cups when I drank throughout the day. The only caveat is that it does not survive food too well. By the time I left the movie theater, portions of the color were totally gone, -Though I am a beast when it comes to popcorn- but since it's a relatively nude tone against my natural lip color it honestly wasn't very noticeable at a distance. I think if it was one of the bolder colors like the teal or black offered in the collection it would have been more apparent.

I was also worried that the matte finish would make my Sahara Desert lips even more of a wasteland, but it wears very nicely and doesn't feel drying at all. Though I would suggest if you also have dry lips to make sure to use a lip scrub and some lip balm first, as it can look flaky once it dries if you don't prepare.

Overall, while I have to re-apply after wolfing food, the gimmick of the hidden glitter got me hardcore and I love it. I would highly recommend it if you are too a gimmick junkie and are looking for some matte lipstick that looks nice and doesn't make your lips drier than the skin of a Mummy.

I found the Ciate London Glitter Flip at my local Sephora for a pretty good price of $20, I honestly expected it to be more expensive so another win for them. It looks like you can find the collection online as well, but when researching I noticed some sites are being shady about it and upping the price because of the popularity, so watch out!

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