Lorac Pink Champagne Palette

I got this really cute eye & cheek palette for my birthday. Damn you family for enabling my make up hoarding! I blame you... Totally not me...
So today I thought I would have a good ol' babble about my thoughts on it.

This palette have 4 eye shadows, a highlighter, blush, & bronzer. Which item is which? Dunno. Some are obvious... Blush is pink... Others not so much - Not sure which of the three same sized rectangles is the official bronzer, but whatever. - I just slap them on my face and what happens, happens!

I haven't really used the eye shadows, I'm still too obsessed with my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea palette, but I have on a daily basis been using the highlighter on my brow bones, cheek bones, cupids bow, and inner eye corners, the bronzer - I randomly picked the bottom rectangle and it's been working for me - to frame my face, and the blush on my, well, cheeks, duh.
I love having everything in one palette because my laziness knows no bounds.

The colors are really pigmented, though a tad prone to fall out. Not terribly so, it's not cliche decrepit haunted house level of dust, but I usually have to blow on the palette after using it to tidy up a bit.
Luckily the colors still apply nicely and blend well. I really have no complaints - Shocking! -, I have been loving this little palette, I think it's cute and very functional.

I have never had any Lorac products before, so beats me where to find them in the real world, helpful I know. I also have no clue how much my palette cost, being a gift and all. But the all seeing God Google shows the palette can be bought online from a bunch of places for around $10-$20 if my dumb ramblings makes you curious to try it... I would be surprised if it did, but you never know!

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