Shopping the Stash #1

I used to make little "shopping the stash" posts to swatch & review older nail polishes from my ever growing collection, but I shockingly can't have total gab-fests over every polish, so I decided to tweak it and show the older polishes I've been posting on Instagram in bunches here in my insane quest to swatch every polish I own on the blog.
Make any sense? Probably not, I'm tired and my brain is mush, but let us begin!

First up is Orly Star Quality, a confetti looking, glitter filled polish. The base is quite sheer as it is just tinted, but the rainbow colored glitter covers pretty well.
This is three coats with one coat of top coat.

I have a bunch of Avon polishes when I was an Avon "rep" for half a second. I think I bought more crap than I sold... Didn't say I was a good rep!
This is Celestial, a pretty, shimmery mint shade with surprisingly nice coverage given how light it is.
I used three coats with one coat of top coat.

Two of my favorite things, the color grey and Zoya.
This is Loredana, a dark, almost gun metal color in a nice matte finish. A finish I did ruin a bit by not thinking and topping with a glossy top coat... Oops...
I used three coats then the top coat fail.

This is Butter London Wellies, a bright sunny yellow with the most adorable moniker... And a dent in the index nail polish because I am not graceful in life, let alone while waiting for polish to dry.
I used three coats and one coat of top coat.

And lastly today is L'Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight, a bold teal shade.
This swatch makes me sad to look at though, because my nails were so damn long and glorious in this picture, and they broke to bits unceremoniously not long after... Sigh...
Sadness aside, I used three coats and one coat of top coat.

I think my favorite polish from this first Shopping the Stash would have to be Zoya Loredana, god I love a good grey.

Thanks for reading!
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