Stamped Nail Art with the Butter London Eventful Gift Set

Time for another case of I had no time or inspiration, so let's play with stamping plates!!!
Though I actually do have a really cool nail art idea revolving around one of my favorite super villains from childhood, but I just had no time to execute it. So while that sits on the side line for the week, I decided to just play with the Butter London gift set I swatched a while back, because I just loved how all the polishes looked together.

My nails are just a hodgepodge of Butter London goodness, so I'm just going to break down the mayhem by nail. The stamping plate I used for all the nails was BundleMonster plate BM-412.

Thumb: Warm Fuzzies stamped over Scrumptious.

Index finger: Scrumptious over Warm Fuzzies.

Middle finger: Cool Britannia over Mum's the Word.

Ring finger: Warm Fuzzies over Royal Appointment.

And finally my pinkie finger is Mum's the Word on top of Keep Calm.

This was obviously just made randomly for the fun of it, but isn't all nail art?! I for some reason got obsessed with how all these shades looked mixed together, they are so pleasing to the eyes. Plus it was easy and fun to wear. Always a bonus!

Thanks for reading! To see more nail art I've done click here.


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