Ah Amazon, the place that shows me many things I didn't know I wanted, and totally did not need. Like yet more nail polish! My kryptonite! This time Amazon recommended this polish, and as a person who can never resist a good holo, it was no surprise it found its way into my cart.
I've never tried ILNP nail polishes before either, so I was curious to try a different brand as well. So we'll call this scientific curiosity... Totally not nail polish hoarding... Totally...

Such cute packaging.
Mega is a rad holographic polish that I feel like Lisa Frank would endorse if it was around anymore. I think this polish is what pumps through unicorn's veins. Just a glitter explosion of awesomeness that I will admit I have worn for 2 weeks straight because I love looking at it that much.

The color is a very soft silver with a rainbow holographic finish. I love the look of the subdued silver mixed with the rainbow effect. It has a nice subtlety I don't see a lot with some other holo polishes.

The formula is really nice as well, it applies smoothly and has great wear time. I normally don't wear polishes for a long time, but since my obsession with this one made me wear it for 2 weeks, I can attest to the fact it stayed a glitter bomb the whole time and chipping was minimal. I actually didn't have time to take pictures of the swatches for a few days after painting my nails, and only the tiniest bit of tip wear is visible on a couple nails.

I used three coats, and topped it with my Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat.

Took this picture from my car while on a coffee run to show off the madness that is this holo in direct light.
another light source because I just could not stop taking pictures, and wanted to show the rainbow effect.
This is such a surprising stance after the picture-fest that is this post... I really like this polish. Shocking. I plan on buying more ILNP now, they have some really eye-catching shades, and I am impressed with the formula too. Good job people who made this that are totally not going to read this! Kudos!

Thanks for reading! To see more swatches I've done click here.


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