Carnage & Venom

When I was younger, many moons ago, I was really into Spider Man (Before those damn movies, I'm looking at you Tobey Maguire!), though I really didn't care too much about spidey himself, I cared way more about Venom and Carnage, Carnage especially. I have always gravitated towards the villains - That may not paint me in the best light, I know!- weirdly enough, and thinking back I believe they were my first favorite villains. So why not make some nail art to commemorate them.

For Carnage I used Sally Hansen VelveteenCovergirl Red RevengeBundlemonster plate BM-416, and I attempted to re-create his eyes freehand with a striping brush and Covergirl Snow Storm. They came out a bit wonky, but I tried.

For Venom I used Sally Hansen Velveteen, Julep Sophia, Bundlemonster plate BM-406, and the spiders were made with an old Revlon stencil and Covergirl Snowstorm.

I topped everything off with one coat of Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat, and one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte top coat.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.


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