Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette

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Today I have some swatches of a very pretty palette to share, all thanks to my mother who got it for me as a birthday gift a while back. Thanks mom! I guess it's a review, but frankly I don't get to wear eyeshadow as much as I would like to, so I haven't got to use this palette a ton. I really just wanted the excuse to show off pictures and the pretty colors! So think of this as a photo shoot/first impressions post if you will. I don't care either way, as I'm doing it anyway... Take that society! -I don't know, I just wanted to feel rebellious for a sec...-

This is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea palette, from the same nonsense-named collection as the rad foundation I rambled on about here and still consider to be the best foundation I have ever used. So needless to say from that glowing endorsement, I had high expectations for its sister over here.
Spoiler alert, my little pessimistic heart is pleased, I love this Polly Pocket looking thing.

As expected, the packaging is an A+. The box has that really cool blue/purple gradient like the foundation, and the compact itself is a hardy, quality looking gold... Compact... With a cool psychedelic pattern on top. It really feels well built, and it clasps closed with a satisfying click, so if I did have to throw it in a bag, I don't feel like I would be concerned of any mishaps.
I also feel like it could leave a nice bruise if you threw it at some one's face. Not saying that is my priority when picking out makeup... But you never know when that could come in handy... MOVING ON!

This is a very neutral palette, which I prefer, I am not skilled enough at eyeshadow to pull off the brighter shades, I just end up looking like I finally discovered time travel and only used it to go to a 90's rave... Not particularly the look I try to convey on a daily basis.

To the colors!

First up is Seashell, one of my favorites, a light rosy pink color.

Wave, an almost violet toned brown.

Abyss, a purple-y brown.

Reef, another favorite, a really cool looking coppery chocolate brown.

Starfish, similar to Reef on my skin, but a bit softer.

Cove, a caramel brown.

Sand, a very light tan I like using for highlighting my brow bone and inner eye corners.

And lastly, Mermaid, a gorgeous shimmery gold, that looks way more gold on my skin than in the pan.

Except for Cove and Sand, which are more on the matte side, all the shades have a nice shimmer to them, noticeable, but not disco ball territory or anything.

They are also all really soft and easy to blend when applying, I can't say much for wear time since I don't wear eyeshadow daily to notice it, but from using and applying them when I can, they feel well made and I really dig them.

My favorites would have to be Seashell, Reef, Wave, and Mermaid.

I got this palette as a gift, but from a quick google search you can get it pretty easy from a lot of sites. The price range seems to be around $30 - $40. A bit pricey frankly, but a nice treat if you are a fan of Tarte, or just really nice neutral eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading! To see more beauty posts click here.


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