Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in HD Spark

Long time no see, little friend.
Thank god only like 2 people read this, otherwise I look like quite the flake!

Anywhoozle, today I am sharing pretty pictures of a new lip color I bought in the hopes of becoming one of those snazzy lipstick wearin' chicks.
I have no real in depth review, as I am still talking myself up on wearing bright lip colors because for some reason it makes me super self conscious. But, trying new things and all that, never a bad thing.
I literally just wanted to share how pretty it is today though! Useless post, but it's happening, buckle up.

I bought the shade HD Spark, because it is amazeballs and at the time it matched my pink hair perfectly. A genius reason to buy something in my opinion. I also really like the packaging, the frosted plastic looks really cool, and it is in this oddly shaped, almost flat tube which caught my eye. I am a total sucker for packaging, no surprise.

Harry Potter merch cameo!
I love the intense bright pink, and I wasn't even lying, my hair was this same insane bright pink so it was love at first sight. I also really like that is has a lipgloss feel with the almost doe foot applicator brush, the product is just obviously way more pigmented. Also a bit on the thick side as well.

Application-wise, it is very smooth and applies with a glossy finish that mattes out after a couple minutes. I like that as a person who has the Sahara Desert for lips, so being matte from the get-go like some lip stains is just a hot mess! The bright pink also seems to make my teeth whiter, a total bonus for my coffee junkie self.

My only complaint is that the matte is not very forgiving, a common occurrence, but remember, Sahara Desert lips over here. If you suffer the same affliction, lip scrub is your friend before trying to wear matte lipstick, take my word for it.

I can't say anything about wear time simply because of the embarrassing reason being I have not been brave enough to wear it out in public yet... Sad, I know. Hopefully there are other lipstick chickens out there who feel me here!? I'll stop being a chicken and wear it in the actual outside world, I will, because it does look really cute and flattering when I'm wearing it sitting in my house like a moron...

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