Orly Frenemy & Scandal

I have a few Orly polishes, but I really got into the brand after buying their adorable Disney collections (See herehere, and here for swatches). So today I have some swatches to share of some more shades I randomly picked up from them a while back.

I got this little figure from a LootAnime box, and goddamn does she remind me of me: baggy nerdy apparel, hands full of some terrible junk food and soda, and an expression of being WAY. TOO. PUMPED. ABOUT. IT!

First up is Frenemy, a beautiful black polish full of holographic glitter flecks and shards. I've been really digging black nail polish lately, especially when it has some added feature. I feel like the addition of the holo glitter gives it a really cool affect, like a night sky.

The formula is really nice, the polish applied smoothly, and the glitter doesn't clump or go M.I.A during application. It is really densely packed glitter, so it's not hard at all to get a good amount of it on the brush.
The coverage is great as well, I only needed two coats to cover.

Next up is Scandal, a rich burgundy red. I am normally not a red polish kinda girl, but I find that when I do decide to wear a red polish on its own I usually gravitate towards dark reds. I just find them more flattering.
This polishes formula was also really nice, smooth and easy to apply, though a bit more sheer than Frenemy. Not surprising with red polishes from experience. I needed three coats to cover.

My swatches are topped with my Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat.

Orly polish can be found basically everywhere at this point, I picked up these shades from Sally's beauty supply. They usually retail for around $5.00-$8.00.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatches & reviews click here.


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