Long Lost Mall Haul

I meant to post this little haul ages ago... Like way too long ago. But being the grown woman child I am, I am not the best at planning, so it has been gathering dust. I figured today I would finally post it, and babble on about my dumb purchases for a bit.

First up yet more Pokemon, because... I mean... Duh. If my Pokemon nail art wasn't a hint, I love Pokemon, and love collecting Takara Tomy figures. I added Pyroar to my ever growing collection.

I also found this rad rose gold ring from Charming Charlie's. Which is a fast fashion type accessories store I had never heard of before, but is awesome! Apparently they have been around for a long time now and I'm just late to the party, per usual. The prices are wicked cheap, and the jewelry is on the cheap side for it, but frankly I prefer it because I am also cheap and hate spending lots of money on something as dumb as jewelry... Much rather spend way too much on makeup and video games... Priorities.

I am not really a Victoria's Secret girl, as previously mentioned, I am pretty cheap, and goddamn those prices are madness! But I actually needed a sweatshirt because my current one was on its last breath, and this one caught my eye when walking past the store. I love the palm fronds and stripes, though the white fabric is not that great with my slobby nature. Thank god for Tide pods.

Next I went to Forever 21 and bought a few things. I've already showed a few of them in that Geeky post I made for Loot Crate, but that just shows how old this haul is!

I picked up the cute pink crop top, which is not usually my style, but it reminded me of Clueless so nostalgia took over.

I have no qualms in also admitting I picked up the dress and kimono together because they were styled that way on a mannequin and the kimono reminded me of a Hogwarts cloak... Hey, I'm a nerd, what do you want from me. I also bought the black and white shirt because I thought it would look cute under the kimono... Make me feel like I'm on my way to potions class... God, I need help.

I lastly bought the sushi socks, because I hate sushi, but not on socks.

My last stop was Bath and Body Works, where I got this really nice set of hand cream and body shimmer in a newer scent called Hello Beautiful. Which is a really floral, girly scent. So if you are not into florals, run away.

Thanks for reading! I'm off to go watch way too much Youtube before work, bye!
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