Butter London Eventful Gift Set

My poor little neglected blog. I keep telling myself I am over the work fatigue and will get back into blogging regularly, and then... nope. Here's hoping this time's the charm!

Today I have some Butter London swatches to share, one of my favorite polish brands even if the price tag usually makes me vurp. These polishes are a nice treat now and again to add to the collection, and this time my mother was sweet enough to buy me this little gift set for my birthday.

This set comes with 6 cute mini bottles of Patent Shine shades in sold colors. The shades are mostly on the dusty, pastel side, with a few darker colors. I really like the mix of tones in this set, they are all unique to each other, yet still look really nice together. Because of time constraints I had to create skittle manis to show all the colors, and I really dig how they all look paired with each other.

Now enough blather, to the polishes!

 Warm Fuzzies is a soft green/grey, and one of my favorites.

Mum's the Word, a pretty light brown which reminds me of a more subdued version of Tea with the Queen.

Keep Calm, a bright, coppery brown.

Royal Appointment, a cool-toned brown.

Scrumptious, a vibrant dark violet.

Cool Britannia, a super dark blue that my camera just could not handle! It looks almost black on my nails but take my word for it, in real life it's a gorgeous deep blue.

The formulas for all the shades did not disappoint, every color had good coverage, and only needed 2-3 coats to cover. I had to take the pictures a few days after swatching the shades, so there is some free-edge wear and tear, but even a few days in the colors still look really good.
I topped the polishes off with one coat of my Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat.

Usually with gift sets there will be a few that are just meh, but leave it to Butter London to make a set where every shade is pretty and wearable. I like them all, though Warm Fuzzies, Keep Calm, and Cool Britannia are my favorites.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatch & reviews click here.


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