Katy Perry Covergirl Collection

Long time no see! Every time I tell myself life is settling down and I can get back into the blogging groove "...life, uh... finds a way" to crash those ideas.

Anywhoozle, while I have the time today, let me be late to the party yet again, and talk about a makeup collection that has been out for a long time. I'm sure countless blogs have talked about it in much more professional and succinct ways, but of course I have to share my half thought out and dumb opinions because that's what the Internet is for!

It took me a while to get my hands on the products I wanted from this collection as well, it was not just my laziness, though that is always a definite factor. Whenever I would find the stands for this collection they would be picked cleaner than a lion's breakfast. I only recently stumbled upon a freshly stocked collection at my local CVS, the beauty gods heard my whining and wanted to finally shut me up, I guess.

I ended up buying two lipsticks that caught my eye and two mascaras, because I only wanted to slightly injure my wallet, not full on murder the poor thing.

I love the cute cat ear imagery and the bold black font against the stark white background, it's eye catching and simple. Also, being a lover of puns, the cat-centric punny names of some of the shades warm my cold heart.

I normally am not too big a mascara girl, I throw whatever one I have on my eyes and call it a day, but the biggest draw for this collection was the blue mascara. I just really liked the idea of it, I know it's not a new idea but I've never tried it, plus this shade of blue just looked gorgeous online and did not disappoint in person either. The blue is called Perry Blue. And for the hell of it I also picked up a normal black waterproof version as well called Very Black.

I like the formulas of both mascaras, they aren't clumpy, and the waterproof version does its job. I don't end up looking like a raccoon as the day passes. I only wish the blue shade came in waterproof as well. It's not like I'm in soap operas and cry daily, but my mascara always smudges if it's not waterproof, so the blue version will give me slight disco raccoon eyes if I apply it to my lower lashes. Not quite the look I'm going for when applying my makeup everyday. The blue looks so pretty though that I don't really care.

My only other comment about the mascaras are the brushes. Like that Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara wand but not as bad, these wands just look like hot messes on a stick. They look like little car wash brushes and apply product a bit too heavy, but if I keep a light touch I don't have a big problem with them.

Like mascara, I am not a huge lipstick collector, but I loved these two shades too much so I couldn't help myself. I picked up Kitty Purry, a pretty purple/pink color, and Catoure Tricot-Griffes, which is a reddish brown shade with the most bonkers, tongue-tying name I've seen in a while.

Like I mentioned, I am not a lipstick connoisseur. I usually don't wear them as straight on lipstick, I usually end up applying them lightly with my fingers over lip balm so it's not crazy heavy, but I really like the colors, the formulas are really nice, and they have a pretty, slightly glossy finish. No complaints over here.

I'm not a huge Katy Perry fan, but I do find some of her songs are pretty catchy when I stumble on them, and I love her cute cat-centric, quirky merch, and this collection stays in line with what I come to expect from her brand, very cute.

I still see ads for this collection, so I don't think I'm that late to the bandwagon, so if you're looking for it I'm sure you can still find it where ever Covergirl products are sold, which is basically everywhere at this point.

Thanks for reading! To see more makeup posts I've done click here.


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