Smith & Cult Nail Trio

I've never actually heard of this nail polish brand before, but I saw this set online and wanted to pick it up for a while. Then my very awesome mother -Hi mom!- bought it for me for my birthday. So now I finally get to share some swatches today thanks to her rad gift.

The trio, unsurprisingly, contains three nail polishes, as well as a nail file (With a butt clearly on display on it, just what every nail file needs...) and a cute cosmetics bag.

I love the look of the polish bottles, they are very hardy and have a cool look to them, and the large caps are comfy to hold when applying the polish to my nails. The only design quirk I find are the weird dents in the caps. When I opened the gift my mother and I thought somehow the bottles got damaged. But, apparently that was on purpose...

anywhoozle, let's talk about the most important part, the actual freaking polish within the artistically dented containers.

The first polish is Dark Like Me, a deep plum color, and my favorite of the three.

I didn't have time to swatch the second color, then remove it and swatch the third, so the last two polishes had to share a hand! Sharing is caring.

Stockholm Syndrome, besides having one of the oddest names, is a very nice, soft grey. I am always a sucker for a good grey polish.

And lastly, Kundalini Hustle -No idea what the hell that name even means, but whatevs.- is a bright, classic red. I normally am not a big fan of wearing red nail polish on its own, it always reads too old fashioned for me, especially when my nails are on the long side, but even I find this shade to be very pretty.

Formula-wise the polishes are also amazeballs. They have great formulas with really nice coverage. Each polish only needed two coats to cover, even the red, which normally reds can be quite sheer.
I also wore the colors longer than I normally do, a mix of laziness and a busy work week, so I got to wear them for about a week, and I was super impressed with the durability. I didn't have any chipping until like the 5th day of wearing them, and it was minimal. My mother also wore Dark Like Me with a different top coat than I wore, and also had no chipping for a long while.

My swatches are topped with one coat of Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat.

Thanks for reading! And thanks mom for the awesome gift.
(To see more nail polish swatches click here.)


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