Benefit Ka-Brow!

I bought the Benefit Ka-Brow when I was packing for a work trip. I have been eyeing this brow cream for a while, but already had a really good brow kit (The Too Faced Brow Envy kit), so I had no legitimate excuse to buy it besides It's so pretty, I want it. Then, lucky for me -Less so for my pocket money- Carrying that whole brow kit in my small makeup bag was an issue, so I finally had the excuse to buy this! Yay!

The Ka-Brow is a cream/gel brow color in super adorable packaging. Not surprising with Benefit, like Too Faced they go hard with the cuteness factor when it comes to packaging.
I will admit my brow game is not very strong, so I had no clue which shade to buy, but a sweet lady at Sephora helped me pick shade 4, which she warned me was still a bit dark for me, but going lighter has a greater chance of making me look sickly, so better go a tad darker and use a lighter touch during application. I agree completely after using it, it makes my brows look bolder, which I like, especially since I wear glasses so my brows can get over looked by the plastic and glass obstructing my face. All so I can see! Pfft, who needs that...

It was hard to see the color properly with just a line, so the first swatch is larger so you can see the color, and the second to show just how thin a line you can get with the angled brush.
The packaging, besides being wicked cute, is also very handy and compact. The bottom twists off to reveal the actual brow cream, and the top little spire thing pops off to reveal the small angled brush, which you can either hold by the tiny handle and feel like a giant -Always a fun time.- or flip it upside down and attach it to the base for more grip.

I used this product during my whole trip and loved it so much I actually never stopped using it. I find I get more control than a powder, and my sparse brows have never looked better and more refined.

My only recommendation is if you also have to go a shade darker, subtly is your friend, as the Sephora lady warned me. I pass this torch of knowledge. It's quick and easy to go down that dark Instagram-brow road, -Unless you like that look, which you do you.- so less is always more.
I also find it softens the look up if you apply very little to the start of your brows, and what you do apply you really smudge out. I smudge with my fingers and it makes the effect more natural and less sculpted, even if you go a bit heavy on the rest of the brow because your cat bumped into your elbow and knocked your arm, causing you to create way too thick a line, and you are much too lazy to wipe it off and start again so you go with it... Totally not talking from experience or anything here... Totally...

I bought the Benefit Ka-Brow at my local Sephora for I believe around $25.00, my old lady brain betrays me so I can't remember for sure. Though, I am sure you can also find it online, but picking the right shade from a website may be tricky, I think it would be easier to buy it in person and be able to properly swatch it.

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