Teeny Tiny Hot Topic Haul

I meant to post this little haul forever ago, but when do I ever do things in a timely manner?! That should be expected at this point.
This little haul was also before a really annoying, sneaky incident took place when trying to purchase some Christmas gifts from Hot Topic last month, so this will probably be my last haul from them for a while, because I just don't feel like dealing with them again after that hot mess!

Anywhoozle, less blathering about stupid stuff, and more blathering about what I bought. You know, the important things.

First up is this really cute decapitated cat head... Purse. What every girl needs in her wardrobe. I think it is from an anime, but I do not remember which one. I picked it because I wanted a really small purse for any day trips where I don't feel like having to lug a big bag full of just crap like I usually do, and it is also freaking adorable. 
I love the little birdcage charm that comes with it as well.

Next up are these rad spiked sneakers. I actually am not a big shoe person, I'm really picky when it comes to shoes so it is not often I find a pair that I really like. I found these randomly and totally became obsessed with them. I planned on buying them to wear on my my recent work trip, but it was only after they arrived that my genius brain realized that spikes are not really the best idea when going through customs! So I didn't take them with me, -I found another pair of wickedly rad shoes to take, which I am thinking of posting some sort of travel bag essentials thing, so maybe I'll post a picture of them if that actually happens.- but they have been a staple in my regular day to day wardrobe.

I own two of Black Heart Beauty's nail polishes (Swatches) and really dig the skull bottles, so I bought one of their perfumes as well as an impulse buy. 
If the scent has a name it's a mystery to me! I think there was a tag on the bottom of the bottle that had the name, but it has disappeared. Probably in the stomach of some curious cat. 
I suck at describing scents, but it is somewhat citrusy and not too strong. When I asked my mother's opinion on the scent her response was "Skull", so it is skull scented... As well as citrusy. 
It also has a roller ball applicator, so works well to carry around in my purse or makeup bag.
Never know when you might need the nice scent of skulls and citrus!

Lastly, I am a huge Pusheen Cat plushie addict, I have turned my couch into a Pusheen shrine. Who needs overpriced throw pillows when you can have fat cat plushies! 
This adorable mermaid version was a sweet find when searching around the website.

That's all I got! Thanks for reading! To see more hauls click here.


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