Sally Hansen Patent Gloss & Big Smoky Top Coat Swatches

While sorting through my never ending pile of untried polishes, I stumbled on these two Sally Hansen shades I completely forgot I bought. Seeing as they are from wicked old collections I'm sure everyone and their mother has talked about them already, but as my favorite excuse goes: They're new to me! So I have some swatches to share today so these poor polishes can finally brush off the dust and get some love.

First up is Chic, from Sally Hansen's Patent Gloss collection. I am a big fan of their Velvet Texture collection, which came out around the same time as this one, and while I still like those shades more -being the textured polish junkie I am- I still really like this polish as well.

Chic is a taupe-y nude color with a creme formula. The color reminds me of a milky caramel latte, yum. Being such a light shade, I was expecting it to be quite sheer, but it actually has pretty good coverage. I ended up using three coats to cover.

While this collection does have gloss in the name, I really didn't notice any extra glossiness than a normal creme polish however. I ended up topping it with one of my glossy top coats as well, but it really didn't change much. I still really like the color though, but I feel like the name was more of a buzzword than anything. Which while I love Sally Hansen, they are guilty of this quite a bit. Though frankly what company isn't.

Next is the most fad-like, and my least favorite of the two, the Big Smoky Top Coat. I was expecting some sort of interesting top coat that would maybe manipulate and darken the tone of the polish beneath it, which the name implies. Similar to those lipstick toppers that darken the lip color underneath it, basically giving you two lipsticks in one since you could wear it two ways.
However, that's a big fat nope! What this shade did do was create a streaky, blotchy mess on top of Chic, and was impossible to apply evenly, hence why some nails are darker than others.

I also decided to test it out being a top coat, and left it with nothing else. As you can see, my index finger nail is chipped. It starting chipping that very night, even though Chic worn alone on my other hand with my usual top coat did not chip at all. Mind you, I am not a coal miner, I painted my nails, worked on my computer for 8 hours, and took a shower. Not a lot of manual labor to cause chipping that quickly. Le sigh.

I followed the directions on the back of the bottle, but I can give the benefit of the doubt that maybe I applied it wrong, or got a bad bottle possibly, but my opinion currently is that I really dislike the look of this polish. Bleh. I greatly prefer Chic out of the two shades.

Sally Hansen polishes can be found pretty much anywhere, and usually retail for around $5.00.

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