January 2017 Favorites

Who would have thought I'd finally remember to put together a monthly favorites!
Time to talk about the crap I've been a fan of for the month of January...

My brother got this book Figure Fantasy in one of his LootCrates, and gave it to me.
It is full of photos featuring classic comic, video game, and sci-fi character figurines in comical scenarios and locations. It is seriously cool, and I wish I could get prints of some of the photos and hang them in my house. Who doesn't want a picture of Darth Vader in a public bathroom guarded by Storm Troopers in their living room! I know I do.

Next up is a makeup product, surprise surprise. I am a huge fan of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, so I was thrilled to receive an eyeshadow palette from the same collection for Christmas. I plan on making a full post about this palette, but wanted to include it in my favorites list for now.

Speak of the devil! I think I have already put these beauties in a past favorites list, and I've posted a full review here, but I have to include it in yet another favorites list, I can't help it. It just shows how much I freaking love this foundation. This is the best foundation I have used in a long time, and it has great coverage without making my face feel like a cakey mess. And the brush is totally rad too.

Yet another Christmas gift, and more products I am making a full post about soon. But these Smith & Cult polishes are a new favorite this past month. The colors are gorgeous, and the formulas are awesome. They only take two coats to cover, and last a crazy long time without chipping.

My last makeup product. I have a post all drafted about this one that I just haven't gotten around to posting yet... Oops... But until I finally do, the Benefit Ka-Brow is on my favorites list, yay. My go-to brow makeup used to be the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit, which is still a rad product, but I bought this one for traveling and loved it so much it's now a staple in my makeup routine.

My last fave. I've been trying to up my blog photo game, so I finally bought a light box. Because white paper taped to a vanity, below a precariously balanced, broken natural light lamp gets old fast!
I found this light box kit on Amazon for around $40. I'm still getting used to it, but I took the photos from this post using it and I am way happier with the quality already.

Thanks for reading! To see my past favorites lists, and see just by the dates how much I've been slacking with these posts, click here.


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