Clinique Chubby Treats!

Happy New Year!
There, I managed to acknowledge the holiday, now let's get down to business. Makeup Business. The most important kind... Not really... Whatevs...

I had yet to try Clinique's popular Chubby Sticks, but had been wanting to for some time. I found this cute mini set at Sephora in that little area of doom where they make you look at pretty things while waiting in line, egging on spur of the moment purchases. They get me every time!
I liked this set because I finally get to try the Chubby Sticks, while at the same time I get to feed my indecisiveness by not having to choose one shade. It also feels more economical buying the smaller sizes as I don't often use up a whole lip product. More than likely this is not actually economical, but it feels like it, so I'm going with it.

This set comes in a really cute and sturdy bubblegum pink tin, which contains 6 different lip color balms. The balms are about the size of a normal lipstick tube, so you actually get quite a bit of product with each one.

I love the tubes, they look like fat little crayons. The set actually contains two versions of the Chubby Sticks, regular Lip Color Balms, and Intense Lip Color Balms. For when you are just ON EDGE, damn it!!!

The shades included are:


Mighty Mimosa: A pinky, corally color.

Whoppin' Watermelon: A light, soft pink.

Curviest Caramel: One of the two Intense shades, a rich coppery brown color.


Super Strawberry: A watery mid-toned pink.

Chunky Cherry: A watery red tone.

Broadest Berry: The other Intense shade, a dark mauve color.

Sorry for the bad color balance, my camera just could not handle my paleness! This was the best I could do. I applied my swatches on the heavy side so you could really see the colors. They are much more sheer when applying only light swipes to your lips.

The sticks are labeled as being moisturizing, which while they are very glossy, I cannot say if they truly are as I always wear them atop my normal lip balm, meaning I can't say which one does more of the grunt work to keep my dry, dry lips from crossing the line to Sahara Desert territory.

All the shades are nicely pigmented, but not overly so where I feel like I'm wearing a heavy lipstick. I apply them with a light hand, so they just add a nice wash of color to my lips.

There is not really a difference formula-wise between the regular and Intense shades, the Intense ones are just slightly more pigmented than the others, as you can see on my arm swatches.

I am a fan of the glossy finish, since more matte formulas make my dry lips look worse, the gloss makes them look softer and is a good mask from the true horror! Haha.

I am an eater (Shocking!) & constant coffee drinker, so the shades don't have a super long wear time for me personally, I also lick my lips a lot like a movie cliche bookie, a nervous habit I can't get rid of, but the wear time doesn't bother me. I usually will pop the color I'm currently wearing in my purse. Even though I hate reapplying makeup, I still will apply more occasionally. A rarity for me, so I guess a good sign that I like these lip colors!

My favorite shades would have to be Curviest Caramel, Broadest Berry, and Mighty Mimosa.

The Clinique Chubby Treats kit set was $25.00 at my local Sephora.

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