O.P.I Worth a Pretty Penne

Today I have some swatches to share of a polish from an older O.P.I collection, because when am I ever prompt in sharing things! I always buy things based on when and if I actually want it, rarely around its release date and when it's, you know, more relevant. So I am sure this polish has been talked about in many a blog, but I just bought it recently, so it's new to me!

This shade is Worth a Pretty Penne, from O.P.I's Venice Collection. I bought it because I loved the copper color, and since around the time of purchase I was going to Italy for work, it felt just quite punny to wear an Italy inspired polish on the trip. Yes, I am that lame.

Worth a Pretty Penne is a very pretty copper shade, with a nice metallic, shimmery sheen. I find it very sophisticated looking, though if my nails are too long I feel like it can look a tad aging. I prefer how this color looks when my nails are on the shorter side.

Formula wise, it is no surprise -Look at that accidental rhyming up in here.- , O.P.I knows what they're doing. The polish applies smoothly and is not too sheer, which is what I had expected with the lighter tone.

For my swatches I used three thin coats, followed by my Out the Door top coat.

A final note, besides absolutely loving the color, I was also pleased with the wear time. I applied this shade the very morning I left for my trip, and wore it the entire week I was gone with very little wear and tear. I even got a couple of compliments on the color as well, so I guess the Italian's approve! Haha.

O.P.I Worth a Pretty Penne retails for around $8.00, and can be found pretty much anywhere. I even see O.P.I polishes for sale at my grocery store! I bought my bottle from Amazon.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatches & reviews I've done click here.


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