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I am on the tail end of a week vaca from work, the only accomplishment during the week being I actually finished all my Christmas shopping! (I am a notorious last minute Christmas Eve shopper, so this is a first for me.) The rest of my vacation has been spent playing video games like a damn boss! Anywhoozle, being the unorganized mess that I am, I planned no posts for this week... Oops. So I figured today I would just post some pretty pictures from my work trip to Italy from a few weeks ago, after which I will stop being a dumb dumb and will plan out my posts for next week, so you know, there actually will be some. See ya then!

I've never been to Italy before, I've never even left the U.S before! So this was a once in a lifetime experience for me. We got to stay in Rome, and visit Florence during the trip. Also, that light post is such a rude photo-bomber...

Being a coffee junky, I of course had to capture my first Italian coffee on camera. It was so good.

I am sharing this picture as proof that I actually cooked something other than grilled cheese or ramen. We got the chance to take a pizza making class, so I made a half and half pizza from scratch, people! -This will never happen again- One half had spicy pepperoni, the other half had fresh onion. Because if I am one thing, it is indecisive.
I choose you, Pikachu!

I was very excited to see the Florence Cathedral for two reasons, one: because it is epic, and two: because I remember climbing it in Assassin's Creed 2! Love that game.

I have way more pictures, but I did not want to turn this post into the equivalent of Google image search results, so I edited myself for once!

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