Heat & Snow Miser Nail Art

If you recall from my constellation nail art -If you are one of the four people who read my little blog, five if you count my mother. Hi mom! - I made some grand statement basically saying, knowing myself, that that design was as close to holiday nail art as I was going to get this year, having no further inspiration, and knowing how terrible I am at planning something out in time.
Well, HAHA... ME! I actually managed to think of something I wanted to do! Well, in truth, it was my mother's fault I turned myself into a dirty rotten liar, liar pants 100% on fire. A total pants inferno up in here. She was watching The Year without a Santa Claus, and I heard the Miser brothers singing, and that was that, the nail art was already made up in my mind. Thanks ma!

I went for a more inspired by look, rather than literally the Miser's faces or something, because I also know my limitations! I didn't want just blobs of colorful failure marring my nails. I focused instead on their individual color palettes and clothing.

I'll start with my Snow Miser inspired nails. If you do not remember this movie, the Snow Miser, soooo surprisingly, is covered in shades of blue, and also wears a striped scarf. (I would show a picture of the characters, but I really don't like to post pictures that are not mine, so if you do not remember them, or have never seen the movie, give good old Google a try. Just be warned there are also tons of Halloween costume pictures that will give you nightmares for all of eternity. You're welcome!)

For my design, I started with a base of NYC Skyline Blue, then used Bundlemonster plate BM-411
& Sally Hansen Batbano Blue for the stripes.
My accent nail is Zoya Vega, one of my favorite Zoya polishes. If some Nail God with too much time on their godly, well manicured hands, came down and said I have to pick one nail polish to wear for the rest of my days, first I would say "YOU MONSTER!", but in the same breath say Zoya Vega. Hey, always be prepared for the Nail Gods to strike you down, ya never know.

For the second Miser brother, Heat Miser, my design is based on his characteristic tones of red and orange and his zigzag hemmed shirt.
I started with a base of China Glaze Stop that Train!, then used Bundlemonster plate BM-423 & O.P.I In My Back Pocket for the zigzags.
My accent nail is Milani Red Sparkle.

I topped everything off with one coat of Out the Door top coat, and one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. I only skipped them on Vega, since it is on the textured side.

Due to life I ended up posting this much later than when I made the design, but even when I made it I really was finally getting into the holiday spirit. It was in the beginning of December, so it actually felt like the holidays. I am for sure one of those grumps -and logical people!- who cannot stand when stores, and people in general, decorate for Xmas before Halloween is even over, so only in December does it feel like the holidays.
I also have to quickly brag that for once I finished my Christmas shopping before Christmas Eve! A rarity for me, so I am a tad smug about it. Haha. Next year I highly doubt I will manage it again, knowing my holiday shopping history, so I'm enjoying it this year!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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