Being one of the few who enjoyed Suicide Squad -to each their own!- I actually really liked the look of this Joker iteration. My favorites will always be the classic comic Joker, and the Joker from the Arkham games since that version had the comic feel to it, but this Jared Leto take had a very cool, modern feel, and he was hot!
One aspect of Jared Leto's Joker that caught my eye were the tattoos, specifically the scrawled Ha Ha's all over. They really added to the visual insanity that was this character, so I felt like making some nail art inspired by them.

Please excuse my poor index finger nail, I had a bad break fighting a grizzly bear... OK, OK! FINE! From opening a soda can... That I stole from a grizzly bear!!! You can't prove otherwise.
I started with a base of O.P.I You are so Outta Lime! and used a thin striping brush and Milani Black Swift to create the scrawling haha's. I am a lefty, so suck at writing with my right hand, especially with a paint brush, but this one time it paid off! The hot mess writing with my right hand created added to the crazy effect I wanted.
My accents nails are Sally Hansen Velvet Texture in shade Velour.

I finished the look off with one coat of Out the Door top coat, and one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. (My e.l.f matte top coat barely works, so I am just fighting with the goop that is the Sally Hansen version until I buy a new one, if anyone reading this can recommend a good matte top coat that doesn't become total goo in a flash, let me know!)

This nail art was wicked quick to make, but I really loved how it turned out, and loved wearing it. Anytime I can wear The Jokers -Insert Southern accent here- signature colors, I'm happy.

Thanks for reading! To see more nail art I've done click here, and if you want to see more Batman and Batman villain nail art I've done specifically, click herehere, and here! I love me some Batman, can you tell?


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