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So, I got an email earlier in the week from a very nice person over at Loot Crate -Ah! I have their LootAnime crate subscription and it is amazeballs!-  asking me if I would like to make a post on my blog all about my favorite geeky fashion staples and advice I have. All I could think was: Oh, no, no, no, you do not know what pandora's box you have opened!
I probably could show you every geeky piece of clothing I have in my wardrobe, but that would make for one eye-bleedingly long post, so I managed to edit myself down to only just slightly eye-watering.

I figured I would break this post down to my favorite clothing pieces, and recommendations if you are just getting into nerdy fashion. Which, by the by, geek gear has no age limits! I'm 27 and will wear Pokemon merch till my final day, dude! OK, PSA over, let's talk actual clothes.
One final note, I apologize for some of the picture quality, it was raining on the only day I had time to take these pictures, of course.

My collection from left to right is: Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, Alice in Wonderland, Riddler, Beauty and the Beast, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and Sailor Moon again. 
For the most bold statement with the least amount of effort, my favorite clothing pieces are nerdy skater dresses and skirts. They are fitted and flattering with the slim fit around the ribcage and flared out skirt, and give the appearance that you cared about your outfit when in reality you were up until 3AM playing Dishonored 2 and woke up 10 minutes ago... The game rocks by the way

If you are thinking of getting into this type of skater dress, the most recognizable place to find them would be BlackMilk, but I'm going to be honest, the prices there make me dizzy. So if you are like me and prefer going the cheap route, I go to either Hottopic or Amazon. Just be prepared with Amazon for long shipping times! Half of the inventory comes from Japan, the quality is great if you pick a good seller, but it takes a hot minute to get to you.

The pikachu poses shirt is from Hottopic, the Pokemon Trainer tank is from Target.
The Mario sprite tee is from Hottopic, and the two Star Wars tees are from Target.

Another easy style I gravitate towards is a good ole' geeky graphic tee. Yes, I know the majority of fashion magazine gibber-jabber says graphic tees are "out" I say, Sh-shut... Shut up... You shut up. I like them, you don't have to just wear them with jeans, you can pair them with skirts for a little edgy meets girly look, and they're comfy! No one appreciates comfy.

I usually find my geeky t-shirts at either Hottopic, or surprisingly Target, which lately has really taken to stocking a lot of cool nerdy merch, good on them.

Everything here is from Hottopic.
The damaged ring is from, you guessed it, Hottopic! Puddin necklace is from Amazon, The Timeturner I actually got at Universal Studios Harry Potter World in Florida, and the Smaug necklace was a gift from my aunt.
From Hottopic.
Surprise, surprise! Hottopic.
I realize that I wear my nerdiness on my sleeve, -Oh, so punny!- so to speak, but if you don't want to go as banana sandwiches as me, I recommend some jewelry. You can wear the pieces with whatever, and show some subtle geek pride. Though, I also prefer statement pieces as well, the Puddin necklace was a recent purchase that I cannot stop wearing.

Last, I figured I would share some of my favorite outfits. I normally would take pictures of me wearing the clothes, but I do not have a full length mirror. Well, I do, but it is broken, and has become a fun house mirror of doom, so let's not use that, hangers will have to do.

The skater dresses are great for the summer, but during fall and winter you run the risk of becoming a human Popsicle. So, I will layer them with jackets and sweaters. Being a Disney nerd as well, I like to pair my Beauty & the Beast dress with this cute Cinderella sweater I bought at Kohls.

Another, edgier pairing I recently did was my Riddler dress with my new coat. Which, continuing my note that not all outfits have to be very over the top if you are not into that, the dress is obvious, but the coat looks like a regular plain coat, but is also Batman related! I bought it from Hottopic, and it is inspired by Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman.

The inside has the Gotham skyline, and the hood has little cat ears. So cute!

A chill outfit I really like wearing, a simple collared shirt under a Ravenclaw cardigan. Which any non-Potterhead would think was just a regular sweater. My favorite thing is when other Potter fan sees the crest and I get to have a cool conversation about it.

Last outfit is my favorite one. It is also the most subtle one as there is only one piece of geeky jewelry to it. The kimono makes me think of HP robes, so I pair it with my Felix Felicis necklace.

This was a totally random blabberfest but I hope someone else besides me enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! To see more fashion related posts I've done click here.

*P.S, While I was asked if I wanted to make a post regarding this topic, I was not paid, nor given any of the items shown in this post. Every item I bought myself, except for the Smaug necklace, which was a gift from my rad aunt for my birthday. Ok, BYE!

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