Defy & Inspire Nail Lacquer Swatches

Feeling under the weather yet again. Is there some sort of fairy who comes in the night and instead of looking for teeth to leave change, leaves disease and anarchy? Or maybe it is my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. But, honestly, the sickness goblin fairy sounds way more interesting.

Either case, today I am sharing some swatches of polishes I stumbled upon in the clearance section at Target, or as I call it, Cheap Chick Wonderland. I got my mother's genes, the second I see any sort of clearance section at any store, I make a beeline for it faster than a divining rod finds water.

The brand is called Defy & Inspire, which I honestly had never heard of before, but I just can't walk away from sparkle. I was surprised however to discover after some Google searching that this is a Target brand! They are launching their own makeup products. I don't know if this was a good sign that I only discovered them in the clearance section... I am not a polish brand snob however, so if the shade looks nice and applies nicer, I am sold.

I like the bottles, they look like a normal square bottle wearing shape wear for some curve. The cap is huge in comparison to the bottle, but that just makes it more comfortable to hold during application.

My only packaging complaint is the tag line on the back of the bottle: "Beauty is our responsibility. Defy the ordinary. Inspire the extraordinary." On the heavy handed side in my opinion, but most beauty brands are into this inspirational word vomit, buzz word type stuff, so no surprise.

Anywhoozle, let's look at the actual polish!

First up is Main Stage, a rich Fuchsia base full of purple and gold shimmer. This shade is very pretty to look at, though when my nails are on the long side I find it a bit aging. Looks better on shorter nails for a nice pop of color.

The formula is jelly-like and sheer, so it needed some extra coats to cover, but it was very smooth and easy to apply.

I applied four thin coats, followed by my O.P.I top coat.

Ultra Teal is my absolute favorite of the two, a gorgeous lagoon-like teal base, full of metallic lime green shimmer. I love a good mermaid-y polish, and this one is so in that category.

Ultra Teal too has a jelly-like formula, but is more on the thicker side so doesn't need as many coats to cover. It was also very smooth and easy to apply.

I applied three coats, followed by my O.P.I top coat.

One tag line on the front of the bottles is "Wear Resistant" and I can honestly say that is true! Life got in the way and it took at least 3-4 days after I painted the shades on my nails to photograph them, and while there is the slightest bit of wear at the very tips of my nails when you look really close up, the polishes held their own! While I wasn't mining with my bare hands in dirt and rocks, I did clean, clean animal cages, and work, and these polishes held on strong where others have faltered. Very impressed.

Defy & Inspire polishes can, no surprise, be found at Target, and seem to retail for around $8.00, though I know I got mine a bit cheaper in the clearance section.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatches click here.


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