Re-Ment Rilakkuma Nordic Kitchen Collection Unboxing

Time for more miniature, unnecessary, and goddamn adorable food stuffs!
During a Re-Ment shopping binge on Amazon over the span of too few weeks, I bought three collections, and today I am sharing the last one I bought. -Though I am sure it will not be the final one! They are just so cute.-

I don't know why it is, but if any old random object has some sort of miniature doppelgänger, I instantly find it cute. Case in point, at Target the other day they sold mini tubes of biscuit dough (For us singletons), and an audible gasp and the words "Aw! Oh my god, it's so tiny!" Left my lips. Over biscuit dough. Biscuit dough! 
Anyway, enough introspection, let's look at tiny adorable things:

The little bear face sandwich is my favorite piece, even if it does look like it is stuffed full of avocado guts.

My favorite set in the collection, since coffee is on the verge of replacing the blood in my veins at this point.

And lastly, a picture of Blue appearing to be questioning my flimsy sanity when two of the collections arrived in the mail.

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