Lancome Juicy Shaker | Shake, Shake, Shake!

We're all friends here, that's why I have no qualms in admitting that 90% of the reason I purchased this lip gloss was the just goddamn adorable Martini shaker like bottle, and shake gimmick. Regardless of my vain and gullible reasonings, however! I bought a pretty shade a while back, have been wearing it constantly, and now we're gunna talk about it!

I bought the shade Mint to Be at my local Sephora. I gravitated towards this shade immediately, but was under the impression it was a more opaque blue. Not very keen on looking like a sufferer of hypothermia, I was going to purchase a simple pink shade from the line, -Yawn!- but decided to swatch the blue for the hell of it, to say goodbye, you know? When I discovered it is actually clear! Tricky, tricky.
In the bottle the gloss is a pretty Cinderella blue -Where they got "mint", I don't know.- with iridescent shimmer, but when applied it is only a very slightly blue tinted clear gloss, which still holds on to the shimmer, just not to the point where you look like a disco ball or anything. I also find the slight blue tint makes my teeth look a tad brighter, or maybe I'm hallucinating, who knows! Still makes me happy.

Again, if the blue is intimidating, no worries! It may have the pigment of a Blue Raspberry Coolatta in the bottle and on the applicator, but it applies almost completely clear.
Now, I am sure the name was not a total give away, but you have to shake this gloss before application. Why? Because have some fun in your life! Who doesn't want to pretend they are shaking an itty bitty Martini shaker every morning. In reality though, I'm sure there is some pseudo scientific purpose the brand throws around that I haven't read, but the mystery liquids in this gloss are different weights, so they will settle and split up over time, so you gotta give it a little shakey shake to bring them back together again, and also to get the gloss onto the applicator.

Speaking of the applicator. Instead of the usual doe foot wand, this product has this quirky, stocky dome-like shaped sponge, which while weird looking, is super awesome. It is wicked soft, and because it is so wide, applies the gloss in one fell swoop.

I don't have any complaints -A rarity for me!- about the formula either, the gloss -Though, Lancome calls it a "lip oil", yeah... Sounds gross, I'll stick with gloss, thanks. I'm not a car.- does not feel sticky, or make my hair get caught on my mouth in a breeze. Always a good look! My lips do feel hydrated, though I usually apply lip balm before applying this product, so I will not give it all the credit, and the slight shimmer it gives is very pretty.

The Lancome Juicy Shaker retails for around $20. I bought mine at Sephora, but they can also be found at Ulta, Lancome themselves, and most department stores.

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