KBShimmer I Got A Crush On Blue

OK, get ready girlies for a total barf inducing love fest as I ramble on about a new KBShimmer find. I do not think this is a new polish, but it's new to me, so close enough.

I am a huge KBShimmer fan, I think they always have the best glitter bomb shades that don't take tweezers and a prayer to get on my nails. I don't have many of their polishes, since they are a bit harder to get my paws on, but I always love when I do snag a shade to add to my baby collection of them.

Magikarp is in awe!
I recently bought I Got a Crush on Blue, an amazeballs ocean blue glitter bomb. The base is a rich, deep ocean blue jelly like formula, filled with insanely sparkly large and small holo hex glitter pieces.

The glitter is just jammed packed in the bottle, so it takes no effort to find and apply tons of glitter during application. I didn't have really any issues with the larger hex pieces either, they take a bit of placement to get them off the brush, but not a lot of work. The tiny glitter also fills any gaps, and I like how the sheer formula coats the glitter and makes it look beautiful and dimensional.
I love a good blue polish, I probably have too many, but I cannot get over looking at this polish.

I Got a Crush on Blue already has a nice glossy finish, but I added a top coat just for an extra boost.
My swatches are three coats of polish, followed by one coat of O.P.I top coat.

I haven't busted out the macro lens in awhile, so here's some close ups! I am totally not obsessed with this polish or anything...

I found KBShimmer I Got a Crush on Blue on Amazon for around $9.00. KBShimmer has their own website as well, and a shop on Etsy I recently discovered. My wallet is shaking in fear.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatch & reviews click here.


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