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While I greatly prefer living in Massachusetts again instead of Florida, a thing I do miss is Cotton On! I had never even heard of it until I moved to Florida, but it quickly became my favorite clothing store. Sadly, the north has not been granted their greatness yet. However, the Internet exists my friends, and Cotton On has a sweet online store.
So, today I have a little haul of some crap I recently bought and want to have a little babble about.

I have weak ass vision. Up close I'm fine, but at a distance it's like a Picasso painting. Needless to say, I cannot wear these while driving, but I can deal with the blur to wear these rad sunglasses I bought when just walking around. Perils of being blind! Prescription sunglasses are expensive and boring, so you gotta either be blurry and have sick shades, or be boring and see. Just pick your moments!

I always have the worst time finding good jeans. I would only buy them at the clothing store I used to work at, called Dots, but when they went out of business that well went dry. Cotton On even tops Dots as the best place to buy jeans I've ever gone to. They are equally inexpensive -$20!-, and even more comfortable and well fitting. I sound like a bloody ad right now, I know! But really, their jeans are freaking awesome! Because of this, I picked up a new pair of black jeggings, and going old school, a pair of light wash bell-bottoms.
If you are also a size 3 and plan to shop at Cotton On though, they only carry even numbered sizes, so go with the 4, fits great I swear.

My only complaint is while the jeggings work well with my lack of height, the bell-bottoms are a bit too long. I just wear wedges with them and that works though.

Thanks to Cotton On my wardrobe is being slowly taken over by loose fitting blouses. They are just so comfy! I picked up this wicked soft white shirt, and yes, I know it is super wrinkled! I just washed it, and I do not fold well or iron, so what happens, happens bro! Still looks nice with leggings, wrinkles and all.

Also so wrinkly! I may need to start ironing... No I won't...
I may be turning into the Brawny paper towel dude, as I have been really into plaid lately. I just bought a plaid shirt dress at Target, and I picked up this soft plaid shirt during my Cotton On shopping. I love the way it looks with the bell bottom jeans. I will totally say I planned that, but we both know I did no such thing.

 Welp, that's all folks. Thanks for reading! To see more hauls I've posted click here.


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