August 2016 Favorites


I wish I could say my lack of posts this week was because of something exciting happening in my daily life, however, it was just good old sickness! I have a nasty cold, which has made even the thought of forming coherent sentences a challenge in and of itself. I will point out the irony that I got this cold trying to be healthy. I live in a nicer neighborhood now, so I decided I wanted to start taking walks, you know, get some fresh air, a little exercise, catch some Pokemon. The very first walk I take, the next day, BAM, cold. So, no thanks, "health", you failed me! Good day! I said good day, sir!

Anywhoozle, while obviously trying to be a healthy adult is not on my favorites list this past month, today I have a list of all the random crap that I have enjoyed for the month of August.

I prefer having a paper planner, I just like having a hard copy in front of me of what I need to do for the week, and I just love stickers... I bought a monster of a planner at the beginning of the year, but it was just so cumbersome and annoying after a while, but because the year is almost out the door I resigned myself to finishing it out. I randomly found this much smaller version from Sugar Paper at my local Target however, and it is actually a planner that starts in June and continues until June of 2017. So I didn't have to have half a book of unused, wasted pages. As you can see, it is already getting drowned in stickers and is much more portable, very happy with it.

My nail polish favorite this past month was this gorgeous KBShimmer polish called I Got a Crush on Blue. KBShimmer is one of my favorite nail polish brands, they always have the coolest and most eye-catching glitter shades so it is always awesome to add another one to my collection. I'll post some swatches soon.

Earlier in the month I had a particularly bad week, so I treated myself to this sweet XBox One controller I've been eyeing since I lived in Florida. This is an Afterglow controller, and you can either set the color cord inside to a particular shade, or have it pulse continuously through colors. I prefer the latter, and I also love the clear case, it reminds me of my old GameBoy -I had the purple, translucent version, maybe some other old people out there will remember it-.

Another random Target purchase, whose wardrobe is complete without ketchup and mustard socks!
Sad just how much I love these.

I plan on making a full post about the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation and brush, so I wont go into huge detail, but this is for sure my favorite foundation currently. I have also always used either my fingers or a beauty blender to apply foundation, never brushes, yet this brush has changed me! I love it.

My last favorite is the epitome of adulthood, Pokemon figures! I collect Takaratomy figures, because I'm 27 and a damn good adult. I found this Pikachu set on Amazon, and was thrilled by the fact there's a Ditto in it! Can you spot him? He just blends in so perfectly... I also love that I finally have a girl Pikachu, which is the one with the little heart tail.

Thanks for reading! I'm going to go drink a bottle of NyQuil with a straw now, bye!
To see more of my favorites lists click here. (I haven't made a favorites post in a while! Oops.)


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