Too Faced Love Flush Blush

I mentioned I bought this blush in my last Ulta haul, and wanted to have a good ole babble about it today, as it has become my go-to blush.

I have never bought a pricey blush before, I normally purchase drugstore ones, but with my ghostly pale skin, which also has a pink undertone, those blushes were way too sheer. You could not even tell I was wearing anything. basically the blush equivalent of a placebo.

First, I just have to have a ramble on just how damn cute this product's packaging is. The box is super pretty, and as I mentioned in the Ulta haul, the adorable heart shaped compact just screams Polly Pocket to me. The compact is also built very well, like basically all Too Faced items are, it is super sturdy plastic and closes tightly. Frankly too tightly for me, takes a hot minute to open most days, but I'll take that to it falling open and leaving a film of pink over the rest of my makeup in the drawer. -I'm talking about you, one of the drugstore blushes I won't name to save your anonymity!-

I bought the shade Justify My Love, a bold bubblegum pink. I have no qualms in admitting given my past of working with placebo cheap blushes, the first time I applied this wicked bold beast I almost had a heart attack! I definitely had to learn to be less heavy handed during application with this one, or else look like I wanted to join a clown school. Not quite the look I am going for, no offense clowns. Actually, all the offense, you guys creep me out! Sorry... 

Through trial and error I learned how to apply this and look like a normal human, and I love it. The packaging says it has a 16 hour wear time, I never really pay attention that hard to see if that is true so, yeah, but I feel like it lasts a long time, and I never feel the need to reapply it. Though, frankly I have always been to lazy for that anyway. I do my makeup once a day, if those products don't want to chill with me the rest of the day, that's their bag, I'm not doing it again! I'll see you tomorrow!

Overall, this is my favorite blush currently. I apply it very gently with a large blush brush, and it creates a really pretty flush on my cheeks without any glitter or shimmer to make it look kiddish.

The Love Flush Blush also wins at a pet peeve I have in that application currently does nothing to the adorable embossed rabbits and patterns in the pan. I'm sure it will start wearing out eventually, but I always hate when companies create pretty embossed patterns in products poorly, and they get murdered in one swipe of a brush. Stupid I know, but I always get bummed out when that happens...

I bought the Too Faced Love Flush Blush from Ulta's website, for $26.00.

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