Re-Ment Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Unboxing


If you are reading this on my actual blog, this place might look different to you! I got a fancy new design! I was super bored and not happy with how my blog looked, so I bought the template from a really cool seller on Etsy, they even set it up for me -which is great because I am useless at this stuff- and I think it makes me look way more professional and put together than I truly am (Shh, no one needs to know the truth; that I am sitting in my pjs, watching Being Human reruns, -UK version only, thank you!- and eating cupcakes while I write this.). Though please ignore the horrendous header I made in paint when I first started this blog many moons ago, it looks horrible next all the pretty of the layout. I bought a new header from Etsy as well, but I just have to wait for it to be made. Boohoo.

Today though I have a quick post of some unboxing pictures of yet another Re-Ment set I bought, this time Sailor Moon themed.

My favorite one, love pancakes!

I found this set on Amazon if you are also a Re-Ment fan.

Thanks for reading!
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