FingerPaints Van Gogh's Violet & Vivid Reflection Swatches

My new blog header arrived! Finally my little blog actually looks put together, unlike the author who is currently typing this in her pjs with unbrushed hair. Welp, at least one of us looks nice, I'll call it a win.

Today though, I have some swatches of a couple FingerPaints polishes I bought a while back.

Gengar is my photography assistant today, he is quite a fan of purple...

Van Gogh's Violet is a clear base filled with, you guessed it by the name, violet metallic micro glitter, as well as larger holographic hex glitter.
Because of the clear base, full coverage is not an easy feat, so unless you just want a glitter overlay a base color is needed for coverage. The large hex glitter needs a bit of help placement wise, but thanks to the abundance of micro glitter any gaps are filled really easily, and the micro glitter applies nicely also. This is my favorite of the two polishes, I love the violet color, and the rainbow effect of the holographic glitter is so pretty to look at.

I applied two coats over a base of e.l.f Purple Pleaser, followed by a coat of O.P.I top coat.

Vivid Reflection is a clear base full of tinted holographic glitter shards. I am not that thrilled with this shade, it looked so beautiful in the bottle, but no matter the color you use underneath it, the second it hits the base color it just almost vanishes and looks quite dull. I tried two other base colors before I just gave up and used the same e.l.f polish I used for the last shade. Instead of giving my nails an ethereal sparkle, it just makes the base polish look slightly milky, which I am not digging.
I think if you just wore Vivid Reflection alone on bare nails you may be able to capture the sparkle it has in the bottle, but even then it will be very subtle. Which is not bad at all, I just wish it worked better with base colors.

Formula wise, the polish applied really well, the glitter pieces didn't really clump at all, and applied smoothly.

I applied two coats over e.l.f Purple Pleaser, followed by one coat of O.P.I top coat.

You can find FingerPaints polishes most likely at your local beauty supply. I bought mine at Sally's for around $5.00 each.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatch & reviews click here.


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