Fingerpaints Underwater Enchantress


I just have a quickie little post today before work, to share some swatches of the very mermaid-y Fingerpaints Underwater Enchantress.

I found this polish randomly at a Sally Beauty Supply. The holographic, almost scaly texture caught my eye, as well as the aquatic color palette and moniker. 

Underwater Enchantress is a textured formula with an almost oil spill-like appearance in the bottle. There is a really nice shimmer to it as well, mixed in with the tones of green and blue. Unfortunately the blue gets pretty lost once applied to nails, the green is really what stands out, which isn't bad, but I wish both were more present. 

I do really like the very bumpy, gritty, scaly appearance this shade has, my only complaint is that application is not that great. The formula is wicked thick, and does not go on very smoothly or spread out on its own. I definitely had to dab the color on in places to fill in gaps.

To keep the textured finish I skipped any top coat, the swatches shown are just three coats of polish.

Overall, while I really like the effect of this shade, I find the formula and application on the annoying and messy side, which makes me feel like I won't go back to this shade too often, if only it had an easier formula like other textured shades I've used in the past.

I will say also that while I do love Fingerpaints polishes, I notice I have this problem a bit with their textured or glitter polishes, they can turn out to be goopy, which is a bummer since their solid creme polishes never give me a problem.

Fingerpaints polishes usually retail for around $5.00. I bought mine at Sally's, though you can also find them online. Amazon carries bottles, but watch out as some people are selling them for double the price, tricky tricky!

Thanks for reading! To see more swatches I've done click here.


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