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I always love reading decor posts, and room tours, it's interesting to see how people design their own spaces. I don't make many decor posts, and I've been wanting to make a little room tour post of my own, so when I finished decorating my new bedroom in my apartment it felt like a perfect opportunity to most likely bore other people to death, but make myself happy! So let's do this!

Jackson took a break from his computer to assist in the room tour.
My new bedroom is much smaller than my old one, which sounds bad, but I frankly prefer it. I needed to play around with items and furniture, and deal with just the amount of crap I have, but when I finally got it sorted it just felt very cozy, not cluttered which I thought it might be. Luckily I was also able to put away everything nicely, so I don't have a secret crap closet. Looking at you, Monica from Friends! (Such a dated reference, but maybe some other poor soul will get it too!)

I decided on black curtains to fit with my black chair and the frames of the pictures. They also look really nice and bold against the walls. Another bonus is they are light blocking curtains, which works for me since the majority of my work shifts are closing shifts so I end up sleeping in the next day, and nothing sucks worse than getting blinded by that jerk sun when you're trying to sleep!

You can tell I am such a pro at decor photos, way to leave the Frappuccino cup in the shot, me!
I did not buy a lot of new things for the room, majority of the items are repurposed from my previous apartment, I just bought a few new tidbits to freshen it up a bit. I used the same end table, but I found this really cool gold and white ram head table lamp at Target to add to it.

One thing I did change majorly was the artwork on my walls. I repurposed my old stuff around the other rooms in the apartment, where they would look fresh being in a different space, and decided to put completely new things in my bedroom. I have been eyeing the T-Rex sketch for ages at World Market when I was in Florida, so when I was hunting for new stuff I finally ordered it, and was thrilled to found out they had another one of a Stegosaurus, so I bought that one to match. These have to be my favorite things in the entire room, they are just so awesome looking.

The big owl used to be in my old living room, but I bought this nice gold tray from Pier1 and now it is a table to house the Pokemon figures and cards I collect because I am a big nerd.
I hold my cards in a glass box I bought from Target, it was in their office section if your looking for one as well. I use to use it to hold my lipsticks, but it works great for cards too.
For my figures I wanted a more interesting way to store them, so I bought these three matching vases at Michael's.

Above my nerdy Pokemon table is even more nerdy paraphernalia. All the knickknacks I already had, I just bought this cool rack at World Market to store them in a more interesting way. I also really liked the gold finish, since I have a lot of gold touches around my bedroom.

The chair was also from my previous apartment, but somehow just the top fabric piece was lost in the move, so I had to buy a new panel set for it. I have no problem with it though, because I opted for black, which works way better with my new bedroom than the old teal ones I had. The chair now a seat for the furry butts of my Pokemon plushie collection. I'm 27! 

Above the chair is my other piece of artwork in the room, a spur of the moment purchase at Pier1, because who doesn't need a framed hipster greyhound in a bow tie! Just brings the whole room together.

The vanity and bookshelf survived the move with me, and all the crap on them is the same, I just moved everything around to freshen it up. The only new items are the two glass jars for cotton balls on the vanity, which I bought at Target, and the mini gold curio box I bought online at World Market to store most of my Re-Ment pieces.

Sebastian's tank is lined with this cool marble paper I bought from Amazon for like $7.00. Looks very nice, and stops him from thinking he is a magician who can walk through glass. 

Across from my bed is where my Russian Tortoise Sebastian lives. In case you could not tell what lives there however, he has a nice emblem hanging above his tank, which I bought at Target.

The yellow giraffe traveled with me, and still holds all my necklaces like a gentleman.

The helmer is from my old apartment, and holds my countless nail polishes that luckily survived the 1400 mile journey, woo! I wanted to spruce it up for my new room however, so I covered it in the same marble paper I used for Sebastian's tank. I also found the large candy jar at Target to hold my mini polishes on top.

Lastly, I was out of space, times were tough, and I had a box full of Pop figures that still needed a home! I had the white shelves from my old place, so I took advantage of the extra room above my door frames to find the figures a new home. I'm screwed when I buy more, which I know I will, but I do have the space above the window frames as a backup. Hehe.

Sorry for the just total babble and picture fest this post turned in to. I like having a good ramble about apartment stuff, and don't do it often, so this was nice. Thanks for reading!
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