Sonia Kashuk Roll with the Punches Swatches

I am a bit familiar with the Sonia Kashuk brand, I see the products all the time at my local Target, and have used a body butter from the brand not long ago. (I babble about it here.) However, this is the first time I have seen nail polish. I do not know if this is a first for Sonia Kashuk, or I just missed the boat time and again. I could have done some research to properly answer this question, but, you know, nah.

Anywhoozle, I can never pass up a good blue polish, so I picked up Roll with the Punches right before I moved, so these poor swatches have been gathering dust for a bit in my computer while I got settled.
This shade is a rich cobalt blue crelly, that I am sure I have a few polishes just like it in my collection, but... It's just so pretty and blue, so I don't care... It had to be mine!

I also really like the design, the doodles around the cap and on the bottle are really eye catching. The hand drawn look makes the bottle stand out, which is why I noticed it in the first place, so good job Sonia Kashuk!

The formula is a mix between a creme and jelly, and is on the sheer side. I applied three coats, and still some of my free-edges are peeking out. If that bugs you, like it usually does me, know you may be adding some extra coats, this is not a one or two coater. On the plus side, the slight jelly formula is wicked glossy, I applied a top coat but even without it the polish has a nice sheen.

I topped my swatches off with one coat of O.P.I top coat.

Just a side note that made me giggle, if you search for Roll with the Punches on Sonia Kashuk's website, you will find it will show you a picture of the polish On the Ropes, a coral shade, and if you click the link to look at On the Ropes it will show you this polish. Both of which clearly show the correct names on the bottles in the very large images, so I think someone was asleep at the wheel behind the website. They even messed it up in the description! They call this shade "Roll on the Ropes"... OK... It's also messed up on the Target website as well, both are labeled as On the Ropes currently, so I guess these polishes just can't win.

Sonia Kashuk Roll -on the ropes- with the Punches retails for $5, and can be found at Target, either online or in store.

Thanks for reading! To see more swatch and reviews click here.


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