Road to Boston!

Long time, no see!!!
My poor little blog has been highly neglected because of the complete mess my life has been trying to take the 1400 trek back to Massachusetts and settle in to my new home. I have done this pain in the ass road trip once before, and had vowed to never do it again, yet here I am! In all honesty, I wanted to be closer to family for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, so this felt like the right course of action. I will say now, and this time I mean it, I am never doing this again! While I plan on getting my own studio in the near future, it will be local!

Unfortunately, the bulk of my nail polish and makeup stash is currently on a truck making its way to my new locale, but I do have quite the backlog of posts to take advantage of until it arrives. Today though, I am still recovering from the road rage and sleeping on the floor -Cannot wait for my bed to finally arrive!- so today is just going to be a quickie post sharing some random pictures I took while on the road. Bear with me, the regular scheduled programing will commence shortly.

Bye, Orlando! I will visit soon!

In the two years I've lived in Florida, I've never seen a gator in person. Along this road my mother saw one sitting right on the edge of the road, and I missed it! So close!


Blue, right after the trip, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of finally getting out of that car after 24 hours of driving!

Thanks for reading! I'm going back to my floor bed now... Byeeee!


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