Hello, hello, hello!
I would start reciting "I'm back from outer space!" but I've already done that! Get some new material, me! I just do not know any more lyrics to old songs pertaining to the current situation, so boring...

Anyway, I have been hooked on Pokemon Go, surprise surprise. (I just evolved one of my Eevees to a Flareon and am stupidly happy.)
No one shuts up about Pokemon Go, I know, so sorry if you were wishing for a respite, but if you have seen my many Pokemon nail designs on this blog this should be no shock I would have to talk about it here. Besides the awesomeness of the game itself, it has spawned many a sale on sweet Pokemon merch, and I recently took advantage of one of these sales at Hot Topic, so let's have a nice babble about what I bought, because you have no choice as this is my blog. Mwahahahaha! (Sorry, had a bit too much coffee and am a tad stupid at the moment, it shall pass.)

Socks, so exciting... I love Eevee and its never ending evolutions, so I picked up this set of socks with Eevee and a few of the evolutions; Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Sylveon.

Now that I am back in Boston I can finally buy scarves without feeling like a goober! So, I bought this Pikachu scarf. Though it is July, so still slightly a goober... So close.

If my love of Pikachu was not quite apparent from the scarf, I also bought this t-shirt just smothered in Pikachus.

The last item I bought was this sweet pair of "joggers". Joggers, not people who are much more healthy than my couch potato butt, but comfy pants my couch potato butt can wear. They are basically sweat pants, but they are more drop waisted, form fitting, and tapered at the ankle. So, like sweat pants slightly fancier cousin.
My only beef is that they have pikachu among the starters, and he is not a starter! Yes, I am accounting for Pokemon Yellow, as you did not choose him.. I count the starters as the ones you pick from. Just my opinion, but I stand by it. However, I just can't boycott these pandering pikachu pants -Say that fast!- because they are soooo cuuute and commffyy... so I'm letting this slide, again, Hot Topic! Get your act together!

So, that was my little pokehaul, thanks for reading! To see more hauls I've posted click here.


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