Re-Ment Rilakkuma Natural Market Collection Unboxing

There is just something about things in miniature. You could have the most boring innocuous item, but the second it becomes a quarter of its original size, it just becomes the cutest thing. Case in point, my latest interest in collecting Re-Ment sets, and this collection of miniature, very Whole Foods-like groceries themed around Rilakkuma. Completely pointless and odd I know, but I love how detailed all the little pieces are, and thought today I would share the different sets I got from this collection.

It's just so cool how detailed everything is! My favorite pieces are the cute little bear honey, the cereal set, and the tiny little eggs. Love the nice touch of the little bear head stamp on one of them.

If there is anyone else who also enjoys pointless adorable things and wants to adorn their home with miniature foodstuffs, I found this set on Amazon.

Thanks for reading! To see an unboxing of the Rilakkuma refrigerator click here.


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