NARS Concealer Review

Hello, hello, hello!
(Anytime I write this I always hear it in my head as Jim Carrey's Olaf, in the under appreciated Lemony Snicket movie.)

Today I am talking about my current, and favorite, concealer. Hopefully there are other ghostly pale people out there who have the same issue and understand that trying to find a concealer that works with my paleness is like Tom Hanks hunting for the Holy Grail. Though must less dramatic.

I usually gravitate to drugstore concealers, given such small amount of product you usually get with them I prefer the cheapness. The problem I continually have however, is that the quote "lightest" tones, no matter the brand, are never a match for the sheer power that is my pasty paleness. This issue just makes my terrible dark circles look worse by making my under eye area even darker, which deathbed tired is not really the look I'm going for, thanks! The concealers also usually run very yellow, or are either too watery or too chalky and difficult to blend.

The last concealer I purchased before this one was actually by e.l.f, who I am usually a fan of, but when I bought the lightest tone they offered, which had the clever moniker of "light", it frankly would have worked better as a cream contour than a concealer against my skin, if that gives you an idea as to just the level of pale I truly am. If I don't start getting out into the Florida sun soon I may just turn translucent.

Enter the NARS concealer in shade Chantilly. This is by far my favorite concealer I have used in a long time. I found it by chance at Sephora, I have never used NARS products before, but when I tried the tester I really liked the creamy texture and the color looked perfect for my skin tone. I was not that keen on spending so much for such a small tube of product, but given how long I have been trying to find a good concealer I just couldn't walk away.

No clue where the two little dots came from, but is it just me or do they make it look like a little pig nose?... Just me?... I'll see myself out.

Like I mentioned, the formula is very creamy, which works for me as the skin under my eyes is on the dry side. The formula is also very blendable, and has really good coverage. It brightens up around my eyes and covers the super fun stress blemishes I get often, while at the same time not looking overdone or cakey.
It has more of a white base, none of the yellow that just looks terrible on my skin, and the light tone of it also works really nice as a highlight as well. I usually apply it under my eyes, around and on the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, and any pimples that crop up like the demons they are.

From what I've seen at Sephora, this product comes in a lot of different tones, so I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good concealer. It is for sure my favorite, and I plan on using it for the foreseeable future.

I picked up this NARS concealer at Sephora for $25.00.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I have been eyeing this concealer because of the shade range but couldn't bring myself to buy it; like you I love to buy concealer at the drugstore. Have you tried their bb cream?

    1. I haven't tried their BB cream yet, I actually didn't know they had one! I will have to look for it, I've been looking for a new one to try.


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