Blue Gradient Nail Art

Hello, hello, hello!
(Might be making this a thing, because I suck at starting posts off, it is always awkward.)

I have a quick nail art post today. I really had no rhyme or reason behind this design, I was perusing a fashion magazine one day and a perfume ad caught my eye for the very pretty blue gradient in the background -Obviously the perfume was not the star of the ad for me, as I can't even remember what perfume it was. Sorry random perfume company!-. Anyway, the gradient was stuck in my mind, so I wanted to turn it into some nail art.

I made the gradient with a makeup sponge and three blue toned polishes. The dark blue is Julep Michelle, the mid-toned blue is Julep Cassidy, and the light blue is Milani Mint Crush.
I got it in my head after the gradient was dry, that I wanted some extra detail, so I applied Milani White and a polka dot pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-412.

I topped the quick look off with one coat of O.P.I top coat.

I just love blue nail polish, so this was really fun to wear, and super easy to make. I think it would have also looked nice matte, but for once I liked the gloss finish. A rarity!

Thanks for reading! To see more nail art I've done click here.



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