A Little Mall Haul! | Hot Topic, Cotton On, Game Stop, F.Y.E

Today I am going to have a little babble about some things I bought at a mall trip a while ago. Better late than never! (My favorite excuse, hehe)

First up I went to my favorite clothing store, Cotton On. I bought my go-to type of shirt, loose and comfy. If it feels like I'm wearing PJ's, but without looking like it, I'm sold! So much so I bought this shirt in two colors, heather grey and navy blue. They even have little hoods, which are utterly pointless for a person like me who does not go out into the thing people call "outdoors", but cute nonetheless.
I also bought some pink skinny jeans. Cotton On has the best fitting jeans I've ever owned, so I try to snag a new pair whenever I can. They are also wicked cheap at only $25.

A tiny purchase, I wanted a new pair of earbuds and found these at F.Y.E for around $10. They even have a little microphone, so I am able to answer my phone while wearing them, though hell if I will.

I finally bought Shadow Of Mordor after hearing great things about it. However, I die so much! I have no shame in admitting the learning curve for me with this game is oddly steep. I have had to take a break playing it as the blinding rage and blood curdling vitriol that escapes my body is just not healthy for an extended period of time. Though, in all honesty talking about it now makes me want to play it again. If I never post again it is because I have finally spontaneously combusted, R.I.P me.

Lastly I stopped by Hot Topic, my one stop nerdy shop lately. I got an adorable pink Harley Quinn figure to add to my ever growing collection, a cute Alice in Wonderland pin I randomly found next to the cash register, a pretty silver and crystal necklace, some stickers for my planner, and a necessity in any 27 year old's home: a plushy Bulbasaur!
I am way overly proud at how my Pokemon plushie collection is growing, I just recently added a Snorlax plush, which my mother loved so much I bought her one too for Mother's Day. As someone who never was interested in Pokemon, now I hear all the time how Snorlax is her favorite! Haha.

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