Zoya Carey and Monet Swatches & Review

Work took over this past week, yet again. So now that I finally have some time to visit my little blog, I wanted to babble a bit about two Zoya polishes I am a big fan of, Carey and Monet.
I bought these polishes many moons ago, but when do I ever post things in a timely manner!

Zoya Carey is a glossy light grey creme. Sharing my affection with blue tones, I can never pass up a grey shade. I love the soft tone to this polish, and find it really flattering against my ghostly complexion. Like most Zoya cremes the coverage is very good. My swatches are three coats followed by my O.P.I top coat.

Zoya Monet is a pink tinged translucent base full of gorgeous iridescent hex glitter. While this polish is my favorite of the two looks wise, the formula is a bit of a pain. The bottle is full of glitter, but once you try to apply it the sparkly flecks seem to get stage fright and vanish, leaving just a tint of pink and a few stragglers. Placement is the way to go with this shade, I had to use the brush to kind of dab the flecks onto my nails. I still love the look of it, I just wish it was easier to apply.
As you can see from the close up picture though, this polish is just so beautiful!

Monet is not really possible to wear on its own and get solid coverage, but it makes a very pretty overlay. I applied two coats over Carey, topped with my O.P.I top coat.

I bought both of these shades from Ulta. Zoya polishes usually retail for around $8.00 and can be found online, at Ulta, or from Zoya's own website.

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