Ulta Haul!

I really wanted a couple of O.P.I's Hello Kitty collection shades, and of course Ulta was offering free shipping for spending $50, so unsurprisingly this led to a haul!

First, the products that started the wallet injuring shopping spree! I quite liked the whole Hello Kitty collection but was not drawn enough to some of the shades to buy all of them, plus I don't think my bank account would have enjoyed the extra abuse. So I bought the two that caught my eye the most:

Charmmy & Sugar: a pastel pink creme.

Small + Cute = Heart (It's literally a little heart): a pink toned fine glitter base with multicolored flecks.

I already made some quick stamped nail art with them here, and will have full swatches up tomorrow if I don't get too distracted playing Elder Scrolls... No promises, It's my day off from work and I'm almost level 40.

Another nail polish find. I picked up Butterlondon Knackered, which makes me think of either a pastel galaxy, or an oil spill doused in glitter. Either way, I love it!

I also bought my mother a couple Essie polishes which I forgot to photograph, oops, but lastly I purchased a Too Faced blush.
I always love Too Faced for both the quality of the products and the adorable packaging, and this blush does not disappoint. I plan on writing a full review of this blush soon, but I will say I love the pigmentation and the cute compact reminds me of the old school Polly Pockets. Not those lame large ones they tried to revamp with, it is called Polly Pocket people, she's meant to be small! (Side note, filled with nostalgia I searched online to buy a Polly Pocket compact for the hell of it, and the cheapest one was like $50! Madness.)

Ulta always offers to throw some mystery samples in the box when ordering. I got two primers I've heard about quite a bit but never tried, so this gives me a chance to give them a try. I love the style of The Pore-fessional sample card, very cute.

Thanks for reading! Just what you expect in a haul, product pictures and Polly Pocket nostalgia, what more can you ask for. To check out more hauls minus 90's toy rants click here.


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