O.P.I Hello Kitty Collection Charmmy & Sugar and Small + Cute = Heart Swatches & Review

See, I actually managed to post this when I said I would! Elder Scrolls did not tempt me away, like in classic cartoons when the scent of a pie would turn into a hand and lure the characters away from their priorities. Frankly, the only reason I was not tempted to run away and play video games was because I have to work soon after posting this anyway, so I don't have time! Boohoo, damn adulthood and responsibilities.

Anyway, Let's talk about nail polish! As I mentioned in my last haul, I finally picked up two polishes from O.P.I's adorable Hello Kitty Collection. I've always loved Hello Kitty so this was a collection I could not pass up. I will say there were a few colors that left me a bit wanting when I was trying to choose which polishes to buy, but the shades I did finally select I am very happy with.

I love the little Hello Kitty head printed cover on the bottle tops, very cute.
The shades I ended up selecting were:

Small + Cute = Heart, a soft pastel pink creme. Usually light shades are quite sheer and require extra coats to achieve good coverage, but this polish applied easily, and I only needed three thin coats to cover.

Charmmy & Sugar, a clear base full of very fine pink holographic micro glitter flecks, as well as metallic circle glitters in shades of pink, silver, green, gold, and blue. Given the base is clear, full coverage by itself would be difficult, I would suggest a base color. I applied two coats over Small + Cute = Heart.
Because of the very fine glitter, this polish applies very smoothly. I did not have any issues of the glitter clumping, or have trouble getting the flecks out of the bottle. I usually am always impressed with O.P.I's glitter formulas, and this shade was no exception.

I topped both polishes off with one coat of O.P.I top coat.

A little close up of Charmmy & Sugar.
Overall, I think my favorite of the two would be Charmmy & Sugar, as I am a total sucker for glitter polishes, but I really like both shades, and am quite happy to add them to my ever growing collection.

The Hello Kitty by O.P.I collection can be found online, or most likely at your local beauty supply or Ulta. I bought mine from Ulta, who are currently offering the full sized bottles for $4.97 each on their website. You would probably also be able to find them on Amazon as well, but watch out for rip offs, as some sellers will try to sell popular polishes for way more than their worth on there!

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