e.l.f Chic Color Collection Swatches

While I am definitely a spur of the moment shopper of the e.l.f makeup section at Target, I have never tried their nail polish. Thanks to a birthday gift from my mother however, I am now the owner of a 20 piece collection of e.l.f mini polishes! So, today I thought I would share some swatches. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to swatch each polish on my nails, so I've applied them to swatch sticks.

Smoken Hot:
A classic red with a jelly-like formula.

Love Me:
A very clingy titled metallic red glitter in a clear base.

Wedding Bell:
An oxblood red creme.

Prissy Chrissy:
A nude toned creme.

Now, honestly I cannot place if this is just the greatest misnomer, or someone mislabeled the bottle. I've checked just in case I wrote it down wrong, but sure enough it's correct.
"Burgundy" is a very pale pink creme.

A mid-toned pinkish nude creme.

Purple Dream:
A rich, dark purple creme.

Gina Girl:
A purple, red, and silver glitter in a clear base.

Purple Pleaser:
A dark, mauve creme.

One of my favorites, a rose gold shade.

Sparkly gold glitter in a clear base.

Pot of Gold:
A bright gold shimmery shade.

Sea Escape:
Another favorite, a dark holographic blue.

Chic Confetti:
Multi-colored glitter in a clear base.

Skinny Jeans:
I love a good blue polish, this is a vibrant cobalt blue creme.

A bright white creme.

Liquid Metal:
A metallic silver.

Misty Haze:
A dark grey creme.

Lastly, the set included glossy and matte top coats, which I applied to Skinny Jeans.

All the swatches besides the top coated Skinny jeans are 2-3 coats with no top coat.

Overall, I love the varied colors and mix of creme, glitter, and shimmery shades given in this collection, and the formulas were surprisingly very good for such a low cost set. I also really like the addition of the different top coats, which makes it fun to test them both out with the polishes to see the different effects on each shade.
My favorite shades would have to be Skinny Jeans, Sea Escape, Blush, and Misty Haze.

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