A Little Marshall's Haul

While I sit here and watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Shut up, I like that movie. :p Though the sequel looks terrible.) I thought I would share a teeny tiny haul from a recent trip to Marshall's. I love this store, it is super cheap, and if you're patient and have the time to browse the countless, relatively unorganized shelves and clothing racks, you can find some sweet stuff.

Figured I would start with the most random purchase.
It was between this cute red pig, or an adorable wooden snail, but the snail was broken so the little piggy won. I have a red Keurig coffee machine he matches, so he has a new home in the kitchen. I have noticed my home decor aesthetic consists of anything that looks like an animal. Pigs, giraffes, deer, owls, if it is cute and looks like an animal, I want it in my home. Speaking of, Target is selling a porcelain rams head and metal turtle shell wall hanging, that it is taking all my will power not to bring home every time I shop there!

To spruce up the bathroom, I found this cute jar for cotton balls, and fake rose. I have come to accept I am a serial plant murderer, so best to go with one of the artificial variety. Looks just as pretty, and I cannot kill it! The glass even has fake water, to really get that real flower experience I guess.

Lastly, I picked up a few new shirts:

 I found this wicked soft t-shirt to pair with leggings. Seriously, this is so soft, it's like wearing a bunny, just you know, not as horrifying as actually doing so.

I am normally not a fringe person, but I really liked the grey color, and I love a good loose shirt. If it can make me feel like I'm wearing PJs, while simultaneously making me look like I tried, that is a win in my book.

Involves coffee, enough said!

This looks quite boxy on the hanger, but I swear it's nice. I've been wearing it with different colored skinny jeans and it looks really cute.

Thanks for reading! To see more hauls I've posted click here.


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